*Teacher-Leader Pathway Talent Pool (2020-2021)

Charlotte, NC, US
Jan 25, 2020
*Teacher-Leader Pathway Talent Pool (2020-2021)

Charlotte - Mecklenburg Schools

P.O. Box 30035

Charlotte , NC 28230

Instructional - Position - Advanced Teaching Role


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Teacher-Leader Talent Pool Application: January 27th- July 17th

The CMS Teacher-Leader Pathway provides an advanced career path for excellent educators to take their careers to the next level. Teacher-Leaders that assume pathway roles earn anywhere from $2,250-$18,250 per year in addition to their base salary! The responsibilities of these roles range from directly reaching more students with excellent instruction to impacting student achievement by leading instructional teams, as well as coaching teachers to build capacity within the school. Positions vary in leadership, experience level, and expertise and are determined through extensive screening and approved candidates are entered into a Talent Pool. If you are an aspiring teacher-leader and would like the opportunity to apply for one of these advanced roles, act now!

Talent pool resources can be found on the Talent Pool Resources page at bit.ly/CMSTEACHERLEADER and also linked to the attachment found below.

Application Process: After submitting this application, candidates should upload the required documents (see below) to the attachments section of their CMS application. Qualifying candidates will then be emailed a link to the second step of the application, a Google form. Both the Google form and uploading of the required documents (see below) must be complete to ensure a timely review of your application. Please make sure the email address on your application is correct.

If the application review committee determines that you may qualify as an EIT3, MCL1, or MCL2, you will be emailed a link to participate in a virtual interview round, which will further assess your leadership experience and ability to lead other adults to improve their teaching practice. The 4 question interview lasts approximately 45 minutes. All responses regarding your professional experience should detail events that have taken place within the last 2-3 years. Prior to completing the virtual interview, it is highly recommended that you watch the Virtual Interview Tips video located at bit.ly/VIRTUALINTERVIEW.

Required Documents:
  1. A current copy of your resume
  2. Current and valid summative evaluations from the past 2 years illustrating ratings of proficient or greater

Note: Evaluations that do not clearly display the candidate's name and evaluation year will not be accepted.
  1. A completed "Impact on Student Achievement" form

Note: This data must be from EVAAS, TRC growth, or another comparable state end-of-year assessment. Only normed assessments will be accepted. If you were not in a classroom but in a support role, please upload data for the grade level(s) or subject area(s) you supported. Data that does not clearly display the instructor's name, the exam year, and/or the results will not be accepted.
  1. A completed "Leadership Impact" form
  2. A current, valid teaching license should be uploaded to the Licensure section of your CMS application.

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Minimum Educational Requirements

10 Month

Additional Job Information

Please reference the attached document for detailed descriptions of each teacher-leader role. Notifications of initial acceptance will be communicated by the dates below:

Application Submitted By Notices Sent On or Before

2/17/20 3/11/20

5/22/20 6/15/20

7/17/20 7/31/20

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In compliance with Federal Law, Charlotte - Mecklenburg Schools administers all education programs, employment activities and admissions without discrimination against any person on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, national origin, age or disability.

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