2020-2021 Principal Pool (Elementary, Middle and High School)

SW Atlanta, GA, US
Oct 21, 2019
Grade Level
Elementary School
2020-2021 Principal Pool (Elementary, Middle and High School)
Atlanta Public Schools
130 Trinity Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30303

Leadership - Position - Other

Job Number: 4600189759

Start Date:

Open Date: 10/20/2019

Closing Date: 05/22/2020

Principal Pool 2020-2021
Atlanta Public Schools is accepting applications for elementary, middle and high school principal positions for the 2020-2021 school year. Please click here to review the steps of the principal pool selection process.
Applicants must apply AND be accepted to the 2020-2021 Principal Pool in order to be considered for an interview for a specific principal vacancy for the 2020-2021 school year.
In Atlanta Public Schools, the principal's primary job is to drive academic and social emotional learning outcomes for students. We expect that our principals spend more than half of their time on instructional leadership, specifically on the activities involved in leading and developing teachers to improve their instruction and drive student achievement. We also expect our principals to build lasting, equitable and sustainable organizations by developing a positive school culture for teachers and students, creating systems for the ongoing development of school staff, building a pipeline of future leaders that consistently demonstrate mastery of APS' definitions of excellence, effectively engaging families and developing his/her successor.
  • Sets ambitious school-wide vision and goals, aligned with APS' mission and goals, that prepare students for success in college and beyond
  • Builds self and school staff's knowledge and expertise in effective instructional design and academic standards
    • Develops teachers' conceptual understanding of what students must know and be able to do and what instructional methods drive student mastery
    • Develops knowledge of how standards map to curriculum and assessment
  • Develops teachers to provide rigorous and high quality instruction
    • Leads analysis of and develops teachers' ability to analyze student data to identify strategies that will move students toward mastery
    • Regularly observes and coaches instructional coaches to ensure they are providing helpful, high-impact, actionable and bite-sized feedback to teachers on a weekly basis, modeling, co-planning with teachers and providing effective instructional models and strategies
    • Ensures teachers can collaborate, analyze their practice and their student data, and adjust instruction in teams
    • Leads whole-school professional development workshops that drive improvement in teacher practice
  • Develops systems and structures to hire and retain diverse, highly-effective staff
  • Cultivates a diverse, high-potential leadership team through on-the-ground coaching, insisting that they are true owners of the work and cultivating a pipeline of future leaders (from teacher leader to AP to successor)
  • Models expectations for leaders, teachers, and students on school-wide practices for creating a positive learning culture
  • Plans and prioritizes time, people, budget, facilities and resources to achieve annual goals
  • Sets the vision for school-wide operations, staffing, scheduling, testing and finance to ensure they are aligned with school goals and priorities
  • Cultivates own growth, sustainability and success through active participation in district-wide professional development and by seeking out high-impact growth opportunities
  • Engages and collaborates with families, community and GO Team to achieve the school's mission and goals

  • Commitment to APS' Core Values
    • Demonstrated commitment to APS' core values
  • Lead Academics: Instructional Leadership
    • Demonstrated student achievement results from teachers and leaders that he/she managed and coached
    • Demonstrated expertise in what the school-wide academic standards and state assessments require of students' knowledge and skills to demonstrate mastery; demonstrated ability to translate student mastery requirements into instructional plans and strategies
    • Demonstrated command of instructional design and the benefits and tradeoffs of school design decisions in driving student achievement
    • Demonstrated understanding of appropriate application and differentiation of high-leverage instructional strategies (e.g. pacing, checks for understanding, students doing the heavy lifting, etc.) based on comprehension of child development and pedagogy
    • Demonstrated investment in and understanding of appropriate application of social emotional strategies to promote the development of the whole child
  • Lead Academics: Planning & Assessment
    • Demonstrated skill in data analysis; ability to extract meaningful insights across school-wide data
    • Demonstrated ability to develop, facilitate and ensure positive outcomes of teacher teams and professional learning communities
  • Build Culture
    • Demonstrated ability to set direction across an entire school and invest and motivate others to action
    • Demonstrated ability to create inclusive environments that honor and support a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives
    • Demonstrated ability to use a variety of strategies to invest and influence team and community members
  • Develop Talent
    • Demonstrated ability to develop and use well-defined systems to recruit, select and hire high-performing teachers and school staff
    • Demonstrated ability to develop teacher, teacher-leader and staff competencies through providing helpful feedback and professional learning opportunities
    • Demonstrated ability to retain top talent through recognizing strengths, developing career pathways and applying diverse strategies
  • Manage Operations
    • Demonstrated ability to align finances, time, people, systems and other school resources to supporting the success of all students

Requirements: Credentials
  • Master's degree or higher
  • Seven (7) years of successful K-12 education experience with at least three (3) years in a school administrative leadership position by the start of the 2020-2021 school year
  • Georgia professional certification at Level 5 or higher in a teaching or service field AND in Educational Leadership (a copy of the Georgia certificate must be on file or a letter of eligibility from the Georgia Professional Standards Commission may document leadership certifications from another State)

Compensation: Please note: Due to the volume of applications that we receive, your application will not be considered complete until 3 reference forms, including 1 from your current supervisor (dated after January 2019) has been completed and submitted.
Elementary School: Grade 138 $97, 907 - $134, 258
Middle School: Grade 139 $102, 803 - $140, 973
High School: Grade 140 $107, 943 - $148, 021
Placement based on years of administrative work experience (or equivalent) on 252-day step schedule

FLSA Status: Exempt

Employment Category: Certified

Reports to: Associate Superintendent

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