Special Education Assistant-Butler

Waukesha, WI, US
Oct 10, 2019
Butler Middle School is seeking a Special Education Assistant to work with small groups, individual groups in reading and math, some medical requirements needed.

SUMMARY: This special education assistant will assist the special education teacher in meeting the diversified needs of students with various disabilities. As a part of this assignment, you will be required to assist in classroom modifications, communication with regular and special education staff, provide structure and feedback, and work with other students as assigned.

EXAMPLES OF DUTIES INCLUDE BUT NOT LIMITED TO: The special educational assistant's duties may not be specific to any one student, but they may also serve as support to several students within the special education and regular classrooms as needed.

The duties of the educational assistant are as follows:

Work collaboratively with the student's educational team.

Develop, modify, or adapt instruction and materials at the direction of the teacher.

Convey the content of the message clearly and accurately according to the receptive language level of the student.

Participate as a member of the IEP team.

Assist in communication throughout the school day in a variety of settings (recess, lunch, peer interactions, emergency drills) as stated in the IEP.

At the direction of the teacher, work on academic, communication, social, and self help skills.

Assist the teacher in behavior management and classroom maintenance activities.

Assist the teacher in providing instructional activities and reinforcement for special education students.

Physically assist with students including lifting as needed Record keeping related to child's individual program at the direction of the teacher.

Prepare materials at the direction of the teacher.

Supervise students during structured and unstructured times at the direction of the teacher.

Assist in the general supervision of students on the campus and off campus.

Assist in the supervision of students on the bus to and from school, when needed, and on field trips.

Accompany students to regular education classes and provide needed assistance. Implement behavior management strategies for a student or a group of students.

Assist in the behavior management of students by carrying out plans for students and supervising individual students in both structured and unstructured settings, including non-violent crisis intervention strategies.

Assist with personal care procedures as needed for students (ex. dressing, toileting, feeding, etc.) When needed, designated health care procedures such as tube feeding, colostomy care, Clean-Intermittent-Catheterization (CIC) suctioning, or administration of medication following instructional training by the school district nurse.

Other assignments within special education as directed by the teacher or principal of the building.

Fulfill other duties as assigned by school district administration. Report student related concerns to the appropriate educational personnel.

Ability to maintain confidentiality relating to students, families and staff. Although initially assigned to support a particular Special Education Program, you may be asked to work with students of any disability in other buildings.

Attendance is an essential function of the position.

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