Assistive Technology Specialist

Norwalk, CT, US
Sep 25, 2019
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    Student Support Services/ Assistive Technology Specialist

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    Fall 2019

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    9/12/19-until filled

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    Under general supervision, the Assistive Technology (AT) Specialist serves as a specialist supporting special education teachers and students, including 504, who are learning to use and implement a variety of assistive technology devices and systems. The AT Specialist works collaboratively to provide ideas, resources, and training with a variety of assistive technology tools in the general education and special education settings. In addition the AT Specialist may assist general education classroom teachers with selection of appropriate curriculum and the development of appropriate strategies to meet the unique needs of students who require Assistive Technology support in the classroom. The AT Specialist will follow the regulations associated with the development and implementation of Individual Education Plans and reporting requirements that pertain to IDEA and will align recommendations to the Common Core State Standards.


    Specific skills related to proficient use of technology systems, computers and electronic communication devices and the ability to develop, implement, and monitor speech, language, and communication programming and supports for individuals and groups. Ongoing need to attend training and update knowledge and implementation of augmentative communication devices and assistive technologies to meet the changing needs of the position. Ability is required to independently problem-solve, schedule daily activities, model good communication and to communicate and work effectively with professional staff and parents. Ability to assess student's performance in the area of visual, auditory, communicative, academic performance and behavior is required. Completing Assistive Technology evaluations within specified timeframes, working collaboratively with team members, parents, and administration, managing time and schedule efficiently, using specialized equipment effectively, maintaining confidentiality, meeting deadlines and schedules and making data-driven decisions for meaningful educational activities.


    Employees in this position perform some or all of the following tasks:
    • Meet District, State, and Federal Requirements, including; Displays knowledge of procedures, policies, and regulations,
    • Incorporates requirements into work habits, Follows procedures, and Maintains proper and sufficient documentation.
    • Conduct Specialized Student Assessments and Evaluations, Is well-versed in a multitude of measurement techniques,
    • Selects appropriate measurement tools, Is accurate and complete in clerical aspects of measurement, Clearly communicates analysis of results and recommendations.
    • Consult with Others to Develop Plan that Guide Appropriate Instruction, including; Works effectively as a member of a team, Contributes creative solutions to problems, Uses training and experience to support classroom instruction.
    • Utilize Support Personnel, including; Determines skills and abilities of assigned support personnel, Delegates duties to provide the most effective opportunities for students, Monitors the effectiveness of the support personnel and provides direction and training as needed.
    • Demonstrates Responsiveness in Supporting Teachers' Instructional Needs, including; Supports instruction by being aware of teachers' resource needs, Searches out and provides, or makes teachers aware of, available and appropriate learning resources, Consults with teachers regarding appropriate use of resources.
    • Provide Effective Direct Service to Students, Families, and Colleagues, including; Takes initiative, Displays unconditionally positive regard with individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, Displays flexibility in the nature and location of services provided, Communicates skillfully to each audience.
    • Engages in the Determination of and Provision of Primary Prevention Activities When Needed, including; Recognizes need for prevention, Involves others in the planning and delivery of prevention activities, Performs prevention, follow-up, and program evaluation activities.
    • Create and/or Coordinate School-wide or Community Programs to Support Students and Families, including; demonstrates thorough knowledge of a variety of developmental assets , resiliency/protective factors, and related community supports, Engages in a variety of activities to create programs that support students and families, Evaluates intended outcomes of programs created.
    • Participate in professional in-service and ongoing training to further develop specialized skills
    • Fulfills all other related duties as assigned.
    • Demonstrates proficiency in planning and preparation of instruction for students.
    • Create an environment of respect and create a culture of learning through proficient classroom procedures and appropriate management of student behavior.
    • Demonstrates proficient strategies for instruction, including; communication with students, using questioning techniques, use of engagement strategies and demonstrating flexibility and responsiveness to student instructional needs.
    • Demonstrates professional responsibilities, including; reflecting on teaching, maintaining accurate records, communication with families, participating in a professional learning community, growing and developing professionally, and demonstrating professionalism.
    • Maintain appropriate certifications and training hours as required.
    • Attend work regularly.
    • Other duties may be assigned as needed.

    • REQUIRED: Experience with AAC; Special education or speech and language certification
    • CT certification in Special Education or Speech Language Pathologist or Occupational Therapist.
    • Human relations and communication skills to work effectively with students, parents, school administrators, and school staff.
    • Demonstrated commitment to issues of diversity and multicultural curriculum.
    • Knowledge and skills required would generally be acquired with a Bachelor's Degree in a related field.
    • Ability to prepare effective plans and maintain proper records.

    • Master's Degree preferred. Fluency in Spanish is an asset.


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    It is the policy of the Norwalk Board of Education to ensure equal educational opportunity for all students and to prohibit unlawful discrimination because of race, color, religion, creed, age, marital status, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, or physical and mental disability in the school district's educational program and activities; and to prohibit unlawful discrimination in employment because of race, color, religion, creed, age, marital status, national origin, gender; gender identity or expression, sexual orientation or physical and mental disability.