Network Analyst

Windsor, CT, US
Sep 23, 2019
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Date Posted:

LP Wilson Center/BOE District Office

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The Network Analyst is to provide technical support for the Windsor Public Schools local and wide area networks.

Job Summary:
Network Analyst's primary function is to conduct routine surveillance and maintenance of all District computer networks. Network Analyst will also recommend, design, configure, implement equipment and procedures associated with the computer network and systems. Network Analyst may be a team leader or coordinate activities of the M.I.S Department in order to meet project deadlines.

Salary Range: $65,000 to $72,000

An advanced degree, equivalent training or experience is required. In depth knowledge of computer network software and hardware, as well as desktop hardware and software is essential. Must hold a valid driver's license. Must be able to demonstrate good written and oral communication skills. Must be a critical thinker and detail-oriented. Must be able to work independently and maintain a positive work ethic.

Working Conditions:

The Network Analyst will report directly to the Manager of Information Systems. The Network Analyst will also work closely with the Director of Information and Technology and technical staff.

Specific Responsibilities
  1. Monitor networks resources and usage
  2. Analyze network performance and identify potential problems
  3. Provide maintenance
  4. Recommend, design and implement modifications to computer network
  5. Design and manage system backups
  6. Recommend and implement security policies and procedures
  7. Create and maintain user accounts in an automated fashion
  8. Coordinate installation of hardware and software
  9. Administer and troubleshoot network and systems
  10. Write specifications for hardware/software
  11. Recommend hardware and software
  12. Work with and coordinate activities of staff and support vendors
  13. The Network Analyst will provide staff information and training
  14. The Network Analyst will provide continuing support to staff in the use of computer networks
  15. The Network Analyst will participate in training to update and expand technical knowledge and skills
  16. The Network Analyst will perform other duties as assigned by the Manager of Information Systems
  17. The Network Analyst will maintain regular and consistent attendance
Application Procedure:
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