Educational Specialist III - Early Childhood

Honolulu, HI, US
EOSR-8, $101,338 to $143,454
Sep 16, 2019
Grade Level
Early Childhood
  • TYPE OF APPOINTMENT ISSUED: This position is included in the Educational Officers' Bargaining Unit and will be filled as a clear line appointment.
    Education: Graduation from an accredited college or university with a master's degree in education with specialization in a subject field appropriate to the area of assignment.
    Preferred Education: A master's degree in early childhood education and baccalaureate degree in early childhood/elementary education.
    Experience: Seven (7) years of responsible professional work experience in early childhood education of which five (5) years shall have been in teaching within the early childhood education and two (2) years in curriculum or program planning, as appropriate.
    Desired Experience: Supervisory work experience including but not limited to professional development facilitation, coaching, mentoring, community engagement/partnerships; survey development and grant writing, program implementation and monitoring; and at least three years of industry experience in family engagement is preferable.
    Knowledge of: Basic principles, theories, and practices of education, including curriculum and program planning and development; current principles, theories and practices in the specialized area of responsibility [Early Childhood Education, including developmentally appropriate practices in instructional planning, curriculum, pedagogy and formative assessment of young children; learning through play; inquiry based learning and project work approach; child development; early childhood learning environment; family engagement; parent-child relationships, research developments, trends and current issues or problems]; applicable laws, rules and regulations; administrative procedures pertinent to areas of assignment, principles and practices of public relations and budget preparation.
    Desirable Knowledge: Current workforce issues; community needs and cultural context related to early childhood.
    Ability to: Ability to work well with diverse groups and deal tactfully and effectively with others; provide leadership, planning and coordination in the area(s) of assignment; develop, analyze and evaluate plans, programs and procedures; communicate clearly and effectively with others both orally and in writing; analyze programs; present and explain budgets to public officials and others; operate computer and other business machines; use tools, equipment, instruments or devices appropriate to the area(s) of assignment; maintain awareness of developments in curriculum or program areas.
    Skills/Abilities Desirable: Develop and implement on-line professional development using appropriate on-line tools (i.e., Sharepoint, podcasts, voice threads, website, WebEx, webinars, etc.); able to organize/prioritize work and multi-task to maintain an effective work pace while working under deadlines.
  • Duties and Responsibilities: Under the general supervision of the EOEL Director of the Executive Office on Early Learning, the Educational Specialist III:
    1. Provides leadership and oversees professional learning for the program. Responsible for the design and development of the professional learning system of supports for the EOEL Public Prekindergarten Program. With the EOEL staff assigned to the EOEL Public Prekindergarten Program, identifies strengths and needs of the program; designs, develops, and provides professional learning support accordingly and based on sound early childhood education research, practices, pedagogy, and the early childhood professional standards; develops and evaluates special projects related to professional learning approaches, methods, and organization; evaluates and designs improvements in the current program of professional learning supports. Supervises the EOEL State Office Teachers and ES II in the implementation of the program's professional learning support.
    2. Responsible for the evaluation and monitoring of the EOEL Public Prekindergarten Program within the context of supporting responsive relationships for children and adults; strengthening core life skills; and reducing sources of stress in the lives of children and families; and its impact within the field of early childhood education across various settings and sectors. Oversees the assessment and identification of program needs to develop goals, objectives, and long-range plans for positive child outcomes; to ensure system-wide program implementation and conformance to program standards, established educational design, and legal and administrative directions. Provides leadership in reviewing and assessing existing curriculum development, instructional program approaches, and assessment practices used in the EOEL Public Prekindergarten Program classrooms within context of developmentally, linguistically, and culturally appropriate practices in early childhood education. Evaluates and addresses strengths and needs of staff assigned to the EOEL Public Prekindergarten Program in relation to the implementation design of the program.
    3. Provides leadership in building community and family partnerships and designing family engagement frameworks. Provides consultation to schools in the EOEL Public Prekindergarten Program to develop family engagement plans responsive to their community's needs. Assists EOEL in assessing the various communities' needs and cultural contexts regarding early learning experiences and relevant programs and settings. Oversees, coordinates, and evaluates the provision of access for families to a high-quality public prekindergarten program.
    4. Responsible for leading efforts to address the educational needs and requirements for the EOEL Public Prekindergarten Program with respect to child outcomes and educator competencies. Collaborates with program team to develop long-range plans and special projects related to program planning, curriculum development, and instructional and assessment improvement; develop curriculum guides; develop instructional and assessment guides and policies. Collaborates with DOE teams to improve early learning experiences and provide the continuity of quality early learning experiences throughout the early childhood years.
    5. Keeps abreast of current and significant research and promising educational practices in early childhood education to develop/align content and performance standards, curriculum frameworks, resource materials and instructional tools, and guidelines that promote and support effective practices and positive student outcomes. Assists and supports higher education programs in building the workforce through teacher preparation coursework, which may include designing, preparing, and instructing early childhood courses. Collaborates with DOE in overseeing the offering of professional learning opportunities. Collaborates with early childhood organizations to promote professional learning opportunities.
    6. Evaluates and approves program plans, annual performance reports, budgets, expenditure plans, contracts, memoranda of agreement, legislative testimony, memos and other documents. Prepares plans, reports, legislative testimonies, memos, and other documents as required. Serves as a liaison between the EOEL, DOE and other state and federal agencies, community groups, professional organizations, and mainland agencies and organizations in the area of preschool and early childhood education.
    7. Performs other related duties as required or assigned.
  • SALARY RANGE: EOSR-8, $101,338 to $143,454. Department of Education certificated employees will be placed on the salary range in accordance with Department regulations. All others will be placed on the first step of $101,338.
  • WORK YEAR AND BENEFITS: This appointment will be on a 12-month basis with vacation and sick leave provided according to applicable regulations.
    POSTING CYCLE: Vacant or unfilled positions may be internally and/or externally advertised on the 1st and/or 15th of any calendar month.
    HOW TO APPLY: All materials submitted become the property of the Hawaii Department of Education and will not be returned to applicant.
    1. Visit the Hawaii Department of Education website and submit the online application prior to the deadline. Be sure to include a "Personal Statement" of what you can contribute to this specific position.

    2. Official transcripts (if not on file) must be submitted at the time of an official offer of employment. Transcripts may be sent by U.S. mail to the Office of Talent Management/EO Recruitment, P.O. Box 2360, Honolulu, HI 96804.
    3. After you submit your online application, you will receive a system generated email acknowledging receipt of your application.


    Cynthia A. Covell
    Assistant Superintendent