Wellesley High School Performing Arts

Job Title: High School Performing Arts Production Manager/Theater Technical Director/Teacher

Minimum Qualifications

• Bachelor's degree with an emphasis in Theatrical Design and Technical Production, or equivalent professional experience.

• Working & evolving knowledge of:

o Scenic construction and painting methods

o Lighting design and operation

o Stage rigging and safety protocol

o Audio & sound reinforcement

o Stage management and event/production management procedures
o Professional standards of stage and shop safety

Position Description/Breakdown

Production Manager
• To oversee and execute the technical requirements of (1) all performing arts theatrical, dance, and music events, (2) all WPS special events held within the Katherine L. Babson, Jr. Auditorium and Little Theater, and (3) manage the technical demands for all guest rentals within the Performing Arts Venues at WHS.
• Oversee the event and venue management of the Katherine L. Babson, Jr. Auditorium and WHS Little Theater.
• Oversee the storage and organization of all performing arts equipment at WHS and its associated items at the Fiske Elementary School basement.
• With the Performing Arts Director, hire and train multiple stagehands to assist with staffing evening and special rental events should the Production Manager not be present

• The Production Manager is required to coordinate the preparation for all rental events, however they are not required to be in attendance for all rental contracts.
o Should the Production Manager staff any rental events, they will complete a time sheet so their work is compensated for.
• Oversee and consult on the creation of the Performing Arts Theatrical, Dance, & Music Events Calendar (K-12)

Technical Director:
• Oversee the production design and technical demands for all major theatrical and dance productions which include:

? Fall Musical (November)

? One Acts Festival (January)
? Winter Play (March)

? Footnotes (Dance Program) (April)

? Spring Play (May)
? New Works Festival (June)

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• Serve as the Advisor to WHS Tech, the after-school/co-curricular compliment to the Theatrical Production & Design academic program.

• Oversee the daily operations and preparations for upcoming theatrical productions
with the tech students. Tasks would include:

? Designing and/or mentoring design students to develop high-quality productions in the fields of scenery, lighting, costumes, audio, and projections
? Coordinating and overseeing the construction and development of all production elements to ensure student safety and timely work periods

? Attend all technical rehearsals, dress rehearsals, performances, and strike
? Attend and coordinate technical logistics for all music concerts, theater and dance productions, the One Acts festival, and Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild Festival,


• Classroom instructor for 2-3 classes within the Wellesley High School Performing Arts Department pending enrollment.

Position Type: Full-time
Positions Available: 1
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Equal Opportunity Employer
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Job Requirements
  • At least 2 years of relevant experience preferred
  • Master degree preferred
  • Citizenship, residency or work VISA in United States required

  • Application Questions There are no application questions required for this job posting.
    Contact Information Michael LaCava, Director of Performing Arts
    40 Kingsbury Street
    Wellesley, Massachusetts 02481
    Phone: 781-446-6210

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