TOSA- Restorative Practices Coordinator/Student Liaison

Aurora, CO, US
Sep 13, 2019
  • Position Type:
    Licensed - Teacher on Special Assignment/Restorative Practices Coordinator/Student Liaison

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  • Location:
    South Middle School

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  •   The Teacher on Special Assignment, Restorative Practices Coordinator/Student Liaison is responsible for helping to develop and support a safe and responsive school culture, assists in creating a unified student community that engages in routines, rituals, and processes; builds students’ positive identities and fosters strong relationships between and among students, staff, and parents; models social justice practices valuing human rights and recognizing the dignity of every student; utilizes restorative practices to encourage students to take responsibility for their actions; connects with students and demonstrates care for them while supporting the implementation of the school’s behavior policy; works with school leaders and staff to preserve the safety and integrity of the learning climate while maximizing students’ opportunity to learn.

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    Essential Duties & Responsibilities Include:
    • Confers with teachers to implement practices that promote students’ sense of belonging and academic engagement.
    • Supports the implementation of Responsive Classroom and community conferencing including co-facilitating workshops and professional learning
    • Serves as a facilitator of the Restorative Practices Team by facilitating professional development around building a culture for restorative justice and positive discipline practice.
    • Encourages and enforces behavior expectations with and for students.
    • Documents student behavior incidents, facilitates restorative processes toward repair and resolution, documents restorative processes/outcomes, and drafts parent correspondence for the principal and assistant principal
    • Coordinates and implements restorative justice practices that teach students proactive problem solving.
    • Acts as the point person for out-of-classroom interventions (e.g., restorative conversations/mediations; circles; reintegration meetings); supports teachers in facilitating in-classroom interventions (e.g., talking circles/connection circles/community builders)
    • Works with teachers and school leaders to review student data, including disciplinary infractions; determines appropriate consequences and monitors execution of consequences; maintains key focus on research, development, and implementation of positive discipline practices, i.e., true “teaching discipline”
    • Consults with school leaders and building teams to use restorative practices and strategies.
    • Consults with district and community partners for ongoing training and support to increase effective implementation of restorative practices.
    • Assists teachers/staff in monitoring students.
    • Other duties as assigned.
    Condition of Employment:
    As a condition of employment, the individual selected for this position will be expected to complete the APS-sponsored Linguistically Diverse Educator (LDE) Certificate Program within the first three years of employment.
    Click here to learn about the Linguistically Diverse Educator Certificate.

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