Bilingual (Spanish) General Education Aide-Heyer

Waukesha, WI, US
Sep 10, 2019
Heyer Elementary is a Title One school seeking a qualified Bilingual (Spanish) Assistant who will support literacy and content area learning for students who are learning bilingually. The ideal candidate will have some experience in bilingual education, the belief and aptitude that all students can learn, and have near native fluency and literacy in both English and Spanish.

SUMMARY: This bilingual assistant will assist the classroom teacher in meeting the needs of students in a bilingual and/or English classroom; may collaborate with classroom teacher in planning of activities; and will work with students as assigned in one on one and group settings in the form of re-teaching and explanations, incorporating the students' first language, and/or simplification and rephrasing of terms and concepts in accessible English to make content comprehensible.


• Provide instructional assistance with students.

• Assist teacher and class with learning climate and routines.

• Supervise students during structured and unstructured times at the direction of the teacher.

• Assist in the general supervision of students on the campus and off campus.

• Assist classroom teachers in communicating with parents and staff.

• Professional attitude toward the privacy of students, staff, etc.

• Translation services.

• Other duties as assigned.

• Insure safety of students.

• Ability to maintain confidentiality relating to students and

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