Occupational Therapist

Cleveland Hill UFSD
Cheektowaga, NY, United States
Sep 04, 2019
Occupational Therapist Job Description

Reports to: Assistant Superintendent of Pupil Personnel & Assistant Director of
Special Education

Description: Highly qualified Occupational Therapist with knowledge and skills necessary to perform individual and group interventions and therapy regarding student's fine motor skills and functional abilities (e.g. perceptual-motor, hand functions, motor coordination, sensory development, muscle strength, etc.).

  • Highly qualified Occupational Therapist with valid NYS certification.
  • Prior Experience in a school setting preferred
  • Experience assessing and selecting assistive technology in a school setting.
  • Experience in IDEA policy and procedures.
  • Experience provides targeted, evidence-based therapeutic intervention

Professional Responsibilities:
The Occupational Therapist will:
  • Adapt school and classroom environments, tools and materials for the purpose of improving student functioning and facilitating student access to curricular and instructional activities.
  • Assess students' fine motor, and development skills (e.g. oral-motor, sensory integration, motor planning, developmental function, activities of daily living, fine motor function postural tone, etc.) for the purpose of determining their deficits and developing recommendations.
  • Attend meetings and workshops (e.g. IEPs, training, team meetings, conferences, meetings with outside agencies, etc.) for the purpose of conveying and/or receiving information, including best practices for school OT delivery.
  • Consult with physical therapists, speech therapists, teachers, educational assistants, families, etc. for the purpose of providing requested information, reviewing/revising students' occupational therapy goals/objectives, developing plans for services and/or making recommendations to implement goals.
  • Implement therapeutic activities and instructs students, teachers, parents and other involved persons (e.g. positioning, adjusting special equipment, etc.) for the purpose of providing appropriate care to students and/or supporting the student's IEP plan for use in the classroom.
  • Maintains files and/or records (e.g. progress reports, activity logs, etc.) for the purpose of documenting activities and/or ensuring an up-to-date trail for compliance with various state, federal, and administrative regulations.
  • Maintain treatment equipment and supplies in clean and proper working condition for the purpose of implementing motor/therapy goals.
  • Prepare written materials (e.g. activity logs, progress notes, reports, memos, etc.) for the purpose of documenting activities, providing written reference, and/or conveying information.
  • Present information (e.g. student performance data, clinical feedback, etc.) for the purpose of communicating information, gaining feedback and ensuring adherence to established internal controls.

  • Provide direct occupational therapy services to students according to IEP goals for the purpose of ensuring compliance with established practices and procedures.
  • Troubleshoot problems with assistive devices (e.g. computer technology, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring that equipment is in proper working order and/or providing alternative strategies.
  • Provide legal and ethical supervision of occupational therapy assistant assuming responsibility for the students served by assistant.

Contact Person's Name: Mrs. Limardi

Contact Person's Title: District Clerk

Contact Person's Email: wlimardi@clevehill.org