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Columbia, SC, US
Aug 20, 2019
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Richland County School District One, South Carolina
Classification Description
Job Description: Media Specialist
Function: To develop, implement and maintain integrated information technology programs and services to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information.
Directly responsible to: Principals
Supervises: Media Assistants (as assigned)
As Information Specialist
  • Serve as a member of professional committees for the development of activities, training materials and programs to disseminate information technology.Support and participate in cooperative resource sharing with other information technology centers and local state and national information agencies through loan services and electronic communication formats.Involve patrons in selection and evaluation of materials, information databases and related equipment to support learning objectives.Provide teachers with information about new materials and current information technology developments in their specific instructional areas.Provide consultative services in selection, purchase, evaluation and use of information technology resources.Implement a public relations program that promotes literacy and use of the information technology center, services and resources.Maintain a central collection of statistical data, media/technology review, publisher/vendor catalogs and other pertinent information for educators.Provide a developmentally appropriate collection for resources that meet the information and recreational needs of all students.

As Teacher
  • Participate in professional development opportunities provided and/or promoted by district, state and national organizations.Provide in-service training and information for teachers to promote effective utilization of information technology and the development of innovative instructional activities.Assist patrons in the production of learning materials such as multimedia, video, photography, etc.Partner with teacher in integrating information literacy strategies with appropriate curriculum activities.

As an Instructional Partner
  • Participate in the design of the total school curriculum and instructional program.Provide facilities and opportunities for individual and group study and production of resources.Use open access model to provide patrons with full accessibility to the information technology resources.Establish an environment that encourages creative and independent use of all types of information technology.Contribute to students" development in reading, viewing, listening, evaluating and communicating using available technologies.Plan collaboratively with teachers to ensure that a variety of resources and information literacy skills are integrated with classroom instruction.

As Program Administrator
  • Plan, implement and evaluate information technology services to best meet student needs, district goals and school objectives.Monitor standards, guidelines, emerging practices and innovations in the library, media and information technology and education fields.Develop and administer the budget and maintain appropriate records.Organize and circulate information technology materials, services and related equipment for easy accessibility according to established district standards.Maintain a centralized, up-to-date bibliographic database for school information technology resources using the district automation system.Maintain and/or provide access to a professional library and education related informational databases to assist school educators.Manage the information technology center with procedures that facilitate maximum use of services and resources.Provide storage, distribution and system of accountability for information technology resources.Supervise staff assigned to the information technology center.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • Ability to effectively relate to students and staff.Ability to maintain effective working relationships with co-workers.Broad knowledge of materials in all formats.Knowledge of curriculum content.Leadership and organizational qualities.

Minimum training and experience
  • South Carolina certification as media specialist
Revised: August, 2006 (WM)

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