Technical Assistant Consultant / Autism

Pittsburgh, PA, US
Aug 14, 2019
Provides a coordinated system of technical assistance driven by the ongoing analysis of training needs and demonstrated outcomes. The overall goal is to develop systemic change and build the capacity of school staff for the provision of service to and symptomatic / behavioral understanding of students with Autism. Provide field-based training, technical assistance, guided practice, collaborative consultation and problem solving information, along with resources reflecting research-based strategies and best educational practices to provide appropriate services to meet the needs of students with Autism.

Reports To: Program Officer for Related Services

Salary Schedule For Teachers Hired On Or After July 1, 2010 (starting at $47, 858 per year)

FLSA Status: Exempt

Special Education Certification, and a minimum of three years of relevant teaching experience.

The candidate must have knowledge of the compliance requirements of state and federal special education law, state standards, initiatives and assessments.

In addition, a thorough knowledge and understanding of Autism is required.


Documenting/Recording Information- Entering, transcribing, recording, storing, or maintaining information in written or electronic/magnetic form.

Performing Administrative Activities- Performing day to day administrative tasks such as maintaining information files and processing paperwork.

Technical Proficiency- The ability and willingness to exhibit competency in the technical areas needed to do a specific job.

Organizational Ability- The ability and willingness to organize and utilize resources to achieve results.

Workflow Management- The ability and willingness to perform work within defined specifications and timelines and to manage conflicting priorities.

Stakeholder Relations- The ability and willingness to interact and communicate effectively with stakeholders.

Residency Requirements: No Residency Requirement

Essential Job Functions:
1. Facilitate high quality professional development to refine audience's knowledge and skills
2. Answer inquires in initiative area(s) and provide follow-up activities and/or materials as needed
3. Create presentations aligned with federal and state regulations, PDE initiatives, and research-based best practices using the latest technology
4. Assist administrators, teachers, aides, parents etc. in developing & maintaining expertise in assigned initiative(s).
5. Provide organized, individual and/or group learning opportunities
6. Observe and provide follow-up related to professional development to insure implementation of exemplary practices
7. Develop positive relationships with teachers, aides, parents, administrators, and others. Assist schools in expanding programming, in initiative area, to meet needs of all students.
8. Work with PPS administration, school leadership teams and teachers to plan training and programs that increase student achievement for all K-12 students
9. Demonstrate the knowledge, skills and disposition of a change agent
10. Assist with identifying teaching, learning and/or behavioral needs, barriers and weaknesses by analyzing student data and participate in problem solving sessions
11. Participate in regional & state sponsored planning & training sessions relative to Autism and students with Autism
12. Demonstrate continued professional growth through self-directed professional development opportunities
13. Demonstrate continued professional growth through supervisor, PaTTAN and PDE defined professional development opportunities
14. Collect, organize & present data for program monitoring & continuous improvement in Autism
15. Collect and use data to fulfill PDE and federal requirements, monitor effectiveness of trainings, technical assistance, and guided practice, and to plan for program/service improvement and direction of the program for students with Autism
16. Assist with school-wide and statewide data analysis as part of assessing professional development needs
17. Supports data teams and collaborates regarding the interpretation of the data to make instructional, curricular and behavioral decisions
18. Read, understand, utilize & disseminate research-based information & materials.
19. Read professional journals, research articles, school law newsletters, organizational newsletters, etc. to keep current in the area of Autism and school laws and regulations
20. Maintain current resources in Autism
21. Network with consultants in other IUs & PaTTAN.
22. Collaborate with other PSE TaC staff carrying out the same role and responsibilities
23. Develop and maintain collaborative relationship with PDE staff, initiative area experts, and other appropriate consultants
24. Participate as a member of various committees, councils, teams, projects, etc.
25. Participates in the completion of the IU Special Education Plan
26. Accurately completes all required paperwork within the designated timelines
27. Utilizes all available resource materials (i.e. Employee Handbook, IU1 website, Collective Bargaining Agreement, Professional Code of Conduct, Procedural Manual, etc.) to complete required paperwork, maintain professionalism and to avoid potential violations/noncompliance.
28. Additional duties as assigned

Additional Job Information:
Physical Demands: This position is primarily sedentary in nature. Employee will be required to operate computer system for data entry, and have the ability to complete necessary paperwork. This position requires minimum physical effort and not subjected to Occupational Health and Safety risks.

Work Environment:

1. Indoors in busy office, working in close proximity to co-worker
2. Frequently required to work at fast pace
3. Requires considerable concentration and creativity
4. Subject to stress caused by a changing environment, diversity in the organization, tight deadlines and work load.

ADA: The employer will make reasonable accommodation in compliance with the American with Disabilities Act of 1990.

This job description will be reviewed periodically as duties and responsibilities changes with business necessity. Essential and marginal job functions are subject to modification.

The Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age in its programs, activities, career and technical education programs or employment and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. It is the policy of the Pittsburgh School District to make all services, programs and activities available and to provide reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities. Please make requests for accommodations at least 72 hours before the scheduled event. For more information regarding accommodations, civil rights grievance procedures, please contact: Office of Employee Relations, 341 S. Bellefield Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213 or 412-529-HELP (4357).