Boys\' Soccer Coach - 6th-8th Grade

Round Lake, IL, US
Aug 12, 2019
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Teaching, Athletics Coach
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Middle School Athletic Program/Coach

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John T. Magee Middle School

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Per Collective Bargaining Agreement - Group 6 - $4,195.93
Coaches and Assistant Coaches with 1-4 years of experience shall be paid at 80% of the full-rate.

This job assignment receives administrative direction from the Middle School Principal, Assistant Principal/Director of Athletics and Student Activities (High School) or other administrator as assigned.

This job assignment is accountable for instructing student athletes in a specific sports activity and providing leadership in helping each participating student achieve a high level of skill, and appreciation for the values of discipline and sportsmanship and an increased level of self-esteem.

1. Valid Illinois Driver's License;
2. Successful completion of a Criminal Justice Fingerprint Clearance;
3. Successful completion of Bloodborne Pathogens Training/Hepatitis B Shots Series Training;
4. Current teacher certification or substitute certification in the State of Illinois, or complete the American Sports Education Program (ASEP) coaching certification set forth by the Illinois Elementary School Association (IESA);
5. May be required to obtain First Aid/CPR Certification.
6. Must have experience coaching middle school or high school soccer, OR must have played high school or college soccer.
7. Coach must be available for games and practices Monday-Friday between 2:45-7:30 pm and on Saturdays as needed.

1. Knowledge of coaching techniques and human behavior;
2. Knowledge of the District's Goals of an Athletic Program and the Code of Ethics for Coaches;
3. Knowledge of the specific sport;
4. Knowledge of the State, Federal and School Board Policies and Regulations regarding student conduct and appropriate disciplinary action;
5. Basic skills in equipment repair and maintenance as applicable;
6. Effective, active listening skills;
7. Organizational and problem-solving skills;
8. Skills in public speaking;
9. Ability to communicate ideas and directives clearly and effectively both orally and in writing;
10. Ability to recognize and treat minor athletic injuries;
11. Ability to work effectively with others;
12. Availability to work during assigned hours;
13. Coaching ability;
14. Leadership ability;
15. Physical ability to perform essential functions;
16. Ability to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

The following identifies the primary and essential functions of the assignment and is not intended to be an exhaustive listing of all duties.
1. Assists in efforts to improve the program;
2. Assists in scheduling non-league games and officials;
3. Assists in the purchase of equipment and supplies;
4. Assists players in the care and prevention of injuries;
5. Assists preparation of outside facilities for all practice sessions;
6. Attends clinics, camps, and seminars as required;
7. Attends coaches and rules interpretation meetings as required;
8. Coaches a specific sport at the middle school level;
9. Collects all uniforms and equipment at the end of the season;
10. Communicates with classroom teachers to encourage achievement levels of each player;
11. Communicates with head coach regarding coaching strategies and procedures;
12. Complies with Board of Education policies and District procedures in the development and maintenance of the interscholastic athletics program;
13. Complies with Illinois Elementary School Association (IESA) rules/regulations;
14. Develops and enforces training rules;
15. Enforces eligibility requirements;
16. Ensures appropriate dress at practices and events;
17. Ensures practice and repetition of fundamentals;
18. Ensures proper care of equipment;
19. Ensures proper organization of practices and drills;
20. Ensures safety of students;
21. Ensures that all tasks are completed in a timely manner;
22. Ensures the proper conduct and actions of team players at all times;
23. Evaluates players;
24. Instructs and supervises team managers in game and practice preparation;
25. Instructs players in the proper use of body building equipment, training, and nutrition;
26. Interacts in a positive manner with staff, students, and parents;
27. Is encouraged to attend varsity and other inter-District games;
28. Is encouraged to tape and review game films;
29. Maintains full respect and support of middle school program;
30. Maintains respect at all times for confidential information, e.g., student athlete grades for eligibility purposes, etc.;
31. Makes contacts with the public with tact and diplomacy;
32. Oversees the condition of the locker room;
33. Participates in awards program by distributing awards to the players;
34. Promotes good public relations by personal appearance, attitude, and conversation;
35. Responds to routine questions and requests in an appropriate manner;
36. Responsible for the issuance, care and inventory of equipment, supplies, and uniforms;
37. Schedules fundraising activities as approved by the Principal;
38. Schedules, plans, and conducts all practice sessions and scrimmages as approved by the Principal;
39. Serves as a role model for students;
40. Verifies that players have turned in physical forms and other necessary paperwork to the office prior to engaging in the sport;
41. Performs other related duties as assigned.

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