0.7 FTE Part-time Business Teacher - South/East High

Williamsville Central School
East Amherst, NY, United States
Aug 07, 2019
Job Category
Teaching, Business Teacher
Grade Level
High School
Job Type
Anual Appointment
0.7 FTE part-time
Dates of assignment: 8/27/19 - 6/25/20
  • Must hold a valid NYS certification in Business
  • Demonstrated ability to work with peers
  • Demonstrated ability to work with supervisors
  • Demonstrated ability to motivate and instruct students in developing problem solving skills
  • Demonstrated evidence of a desire to create a classroom that is flexible and student centered
  • Demonstrated evidence of a willingness to work as a member of a cooperative team
  • Demonstrated evidence of a willingness to work cooperatively with special education teachers
  • Demonstrated evidence of incorporating differentiated instruction in planning a lesson/unit of instruction
  • Demonstrated evidence of effective communication skills both written and oral
  • Demonstrated evidence of effective interpersonal skills with students, faculty, support staff, and parents
  • Demonstrated evidence of knowledge of NYS Regents/Standards/Performance Indicators and ability to plan lessons for Regents level courses.
  • Demonstrated evidence of exceptional effective classroom management skills
  • Demonstrated evidence of a knowledge of technology and its application in the classroom
  • Demonstrated evidence of a proven ability to effectively organize
  • Demonstrated evidence of a proficiency in modifying curriculum to meet the needs of special education students and advanced learners
  • Demonstrated evidence of an ability to reflect and contemplate on one's teaching - allowing for growth and excellence
  • Demonstrated evidence of a willingness to contribute within and outside the department if called upon ( i.e. advisor, chaperone, club, etc.)

Please make sure to complete an application at http://www.wnyric.org/application for this job posting.

Building/Location: South/ East High Schools

Appointment Status: Part Time

Position Status: Part time

Start Date: 8/27/19

Certification Type: Business & Dist Educ {6023}, Business & Dist Educ {8150}

Additional Job Information: salary per WTA Contract

Posting Link: www.williamsvillek12.org