Personnel Management Specialist II, III - Downtown, Oahu

Honolulu, HI, US
Aug 02, 2019
Job Preferences
    $3,774.00 - $4,413.00 per month (SR-18)

    $4,079.00 - $4,777.00 per month (SR-20)
  • NOTE: Department of Education employees will be placed on the salary range in accordance with Department regulations. All new external applicants will be placed on the initial step of the salary range. However, placement above the initial step of the salary range will be based on special characteristics and critical needs of the position, an applicant's exceptional qualifications, the availability of funds, and other relevant factors. Such appointments require prior approval.
  • Location:
    Downtown, Oahu
  • NOTE: Temporary positions may be extended year to year, dependent upon funding and departmental needs. Making yourself eligible for temporary positions increases your employment possibilities and may lead to permanent opportunities.

    A person hired for a temporary position may also become a temporary employee upon satisfactory completion of the initial probation period of at least six months. Once a temporary employee, you would be eligible to apply for promotion and transfer opportunities to permanent as well as other temporary positions. You may also enjoy other rights and benefits as afforded to an employee in a permanent position, with the exception of return rights and placement rights associated with a reduction-in-force.
  • Level II
    Serves in a trainee capacity, receiving formal and on-the-job training, in work processes, precedent situations, working relationships with other functions/agencies, regulations, contracts and reference materials of increasing complexity and integration with other functional areas of personnel management; performs a variety of basic and routine assignments consistent with training status; and performs other related duties as assigned.

    Level III
    Performs moderately difficult work of a technical nature in one or more of the functional areas of personnel management; and performs other related duties as assigned.
  • Applicants must meet all the requirements for the position they are seeking as of the date of the application, unless otherwise specified. Unless specifically indicated, the required education and experience may not be gained concurrently.

    Note: Calculation of experience is based on full-time, 40-hour workweeks. Part-time experience is pro-rated. Example: Twelve months of experience at 20 hours/week is equivalent to six months of experience, not one year. Also, hours worked in excess of 40 hours/week will not be credited. Example: Twelve months of experience at 60 hours/week is equivalent to one year of experience, not one and a half years.

    To qualify, you must meet all of the following requirements:
  • Education Requirement:
    Graduation from an accredited four-(4) year college or university with a Bachelor's degree. Excess work experience as described under the Specialized Experience below or any other progressively responsible administrative, professional or other analytical work experience which provided knowledge, skills and abilities comparable to those acquired in four-(4) years of successful study while completing a college or university curriculum leading to a baccalaureate degree may be substituted on a year-for-year basis. To be acceptable, the experience must have been of such scope, level and quality as to assure the possession of comparable knowledge, skills and abilities.

    The education or experience background must also demonstrate the ability to write clear and comprehensive reports and other documents; read and interpret complex written material; and solve complex problems logically and systematically.

    Experience Requirement:
    Six (6) months for Level II; and for level III, 1½ years of professional work experience in one or any combination of personnel management functions; i.e. recruitment, placement, examination, position classification, pay or wage administration, employee management relations and services, employee development, personnel program development and services, labor relations and personnel research.

    Such experience must show ability to deal satisfactorily with fellow workers and/or operating personnel to recognize problems in the operation of a personnel program and to suggest practical solutions, and otherwise to accept responsibility in the field of personnel administration.

    Non-Qualifying Experience:
    Experience not primarily concerned with personnel work is not qualifying. For example, most work experience in a supervisory or managerial position requires responsibility for some personnel functions. However, if the dominant responsibility of the position is not concerned with a fundamental component of a structured personnel system (i.e., classification, recruitment, labor relations, etc.), such experience is not considered qualifying.

    Clerical or technical experience in a personnel program involving work which is limited to the application of personnel rules, regulations and procedures in support of the personnel functions described above is not qualifying.

    Substitutions Allowed:
    1. Possession of a Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with a minimum of fifteen (15) semester credit hours of course work in personnel administration, personnel and industrial relations or human resources management covering the recruitment and selection process; job evaluation; performance appraisal; employee training and safety; personnel compensation and benefits administration; staffing process; organizational development; labor laws and/or labor relations may be substituted for six (6) months of specialized experience.

    2. Possession of a Master's degree from an accredited college or university in personnel administration, personnel and industrial relations or human resources management may be substituted for one (1) year of the specialized experience.

    3. Possession of a Ph.D. degree from an accredited college or university in one of the fields described above may be substituted for two (2) years of the specialized experience.
  • All documents submitted to us become the property of the Department of Education.

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