Peer Assistance and Review (PAR) Consulting Teacher

Memphis, TN, US
Jul 23, 2019
Purpose and Scope
The PAR Consulting Teacher provides instructional support and assistance to struggling teachers. The goal of the position is to help teachers improve their practice and meet TEM performance standards. and, if they do not make enough progress, recommend and support the replacement of the teacher. The Consulting Teacher works with a caseload of teachers identified using teacher effectiveness data and in collaboration with school leaders. He/she acts as the primary support for these struggling teachers and works with them to help them improve their instruction and meet the goals identified in an intervention plan. The Consulting Teacher will work under the direction of the Department of Professional Development and the PAR Panel and will collaborate with the school leader, school staff and district offices to provide maximum assistance to PAR teachers. The Consulting Teacher will be responsible for preparing and submitting to the PAR Panel summary documentation regarding future employment status of each teacher on their caseload.

Essential Job Functions
1.Identifying teachers: Analyze teacher performance data including formal observations, summary evaluations and student assessment data; make recommendations to school leaders about which teachers should be assigned to a PAR caseload.2.Planning teacher supports: Gain a deep understanding the needs of teachers on the caseload; set specific goals for PAR teacher improvement based on teacher performance and student learning; plan and communicate to PAR teachers a time-bound, intensive program of intervention and support; adapt plan as necessary to respond to teachers' evolving needs. 3.Providing teacher supports: Provide direct support identified in the intervention plans; use a variety of methods to support teacher improvement such as conferencing, co-planning, conducting of classroom observations and providing feedback, modeling best practices, leading demonstration lessons, co-teaching, analyzing data and supporting self-reflection.4.Assessing teacher progress: Determine whether PAR teachers are making necessary improvements by conducting multiple observations, analyzing the performance of students the PAR teachers' classrooms and by using other methods identified; communicate progress to the PAR teachers, school leaders and the PAR Panel. 5.Make recommendations: After the period of time written in the intervention plan, provide a written recommendation for review by school leaders and the PAR Panel about whether the teacher should be replaced; demonstrate confidence, objectivity and thoroughness in communicating findings and recommendations; provide recommended next steps for further improvement for PAR teachers the Consulting Teacher recommends to continue teaching in SCS.6.Personal professional development: Enhance personal knowledge and skills by participating in on-going professional development on best practices in leadership, instruction and teacher coaching, including actively participating in conferences, workshops, and district meetings, as well as engaging in professional reading and reflection. 7.Support instructional culture: Conduct the Consulting Teacher duties in a way that maintains a supportive, collegial and confidential environment. 8.Peer collaboration: Participate in monthly meetings with other Consulting Teachers. 9.School leader support: Participate in monthly meetings with school administrators, and provide updates on teacher caseloads, administrative meetings and data trends.10.District-wide professional development: Help design and deliver district-wide professional development sessions. Support will be needed monthly, and Consulting Teachers will receive stipend pay for this responsibility.

Minimum Qualifications
Graduate of an accredited college or university with a Master's Degree in Education, Curriculum and Instruction or other relevant field of study required.
Five (5) years of classroom experience (with demonstrated effectiveness related to the area of assignment) required.
Teacher Effectiveness scores of four (4) or five (5) the previous five (5) years required.
Valid State of Tennessee teacher licensure certification required.
Evidence of instructional leadership (e.g. team leader, department chair, instructional facilitator, PLC coach, district committees) highly preferred.
Experience in conflict resolution, mentoring, counseling or working with adults in providing professional and personal support highly preferred.

Consulting teachers shall serve a term of three (3) years. A Consulting Teacher will be given every available consideration to return to their previous teaching assignment. A Consulting Teacher who has completed a term is eligible to reapply to the Program after a two-year return to the classroom.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
- Ability to attain and present a well-documented collection of evidence about teacher performance and make sound decisions and well-supported recommendations regarding teacher retention
- Strong motivational skills to support teacher coaching and commun

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