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Why work for Durham Public Schools?

Durham Public Schools is one of the top 10 largest in the state, serving more than 32,000 students in both the city and county of Durham. Durham is on an upward trend, recognized all over as one of the hot spots in the south -- from food to history to music to education -- more and more people are learning what those of us here already know: Durham is the place to be!

Durham's public schools are nearly as diverse as our 300,000+ residents. The school system offers a wealth of options for students and families; we have something for every kind of learner.

Our vision includes teachers who are caring, highly qualified and who aspire to work at the peak of their profession. We hire and retain the best—and the best teachers want to work in Durham Public Schools because they receive the salaries, support, respect and professional training they need to deliver superior, student-centered classroom instruction.

While improving students’ test scores is critical to the work of our teachers, our vision encompasses so much more. Our schools are places where our children are excited to learn, where they find waiting for them at the door of every classroom a teacher who cares for them, instructs them at the highest level and inspires them to reach their full potential.

Benefits Include:

  • Medical
  • Flexible Benefits (FSA)
  • Cancer Protection
  • Life Insurance
  • Life Insurance (Supplemental)
  • Vision
  • Short Term Disability
  • Retirement
  • Dental

Open Teaching Jobs

  • Middle School CTE
  • Middle School Language Arts Teacher (4)
  • Middle School Math/Science
  • Middle School Math
  • Middle School Science
  • Middle School Social Studies
  • High School English
  • High School Spanish
  • High School Math
  • Music (2)
  • High School Science
  • High School Social Studies
  • PE/Health
  • Art
  • Kindergarten-5th Grade (39)

Open School and District Administration Positions

  • Elementary Assistant Principal

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