Educational Specialist II - Title III (English Learner Professional Development Specialist)

Honolulu, HI, US
EOSR-7, $97,202 to $137,596
Jul 16, 2019
  • TYPE OF APPOINTMENT ISSUED: This position is included in the Educational Officers' Bargaining Unit and will be filled as a limited term temporary appointment. Probationary service credit and tenure are not granted for temporary appointments.
    Education: Graduation from an accredited college or university with a master's degree in education with specialization in a subject field appropriate to the area or areas of assignment.
    Desired Education: Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university or valid certificate/license/professional diploma in education plus two (2) additional years of relevant experience in a subject field appropriate to the area of assignment.
    Experience: Six (6) years of responsible professional work experience in education of which four (4) years shall have been in teaching and two (2) years in curriculum or program planning, as appropriate.
    Desired Experience: Supervisory work experience, survey development and grant writing, implementation and monitoring. Two (2) years in responsible EL work at the school, complex, or district levels. Additional experience in curriculum and program planning are highly desirable. Nine (9) years of responsible professional work experience in K-12 education of which at least three (3) years have been as a resource teacher, curriculum coordinator, trainer, professional developer or coach in EL programs.
    Combined Education and Experience: An equivalent combination of education and experience may be acceptable, as determined by the Department. Substitutions can be considered for the requirement of experience in an education program, agency or system.
    Knowledge of: Foundations of curriculum and instruction; instructional media and computers; foundations of American education; tests and measurements; principles of learning and individual differences; curriculum design and development; educational statistics; purposes, methods, subject matter and materials pertinent to the area(s) of assignment; research developments, trends and current issues or problems pertinent to the area(s) of assignment; laws, rules, regulations and administrative procedures pertinent to the area(s) of assignment.
    Desired Knowledge: Background in state and federal grant implementation and management; data analysis; team-based problem solving strategies and techniques; WIDA and Hawaii State Standards.
    Skills/Abilities: Provide leadership, planning and coordination in the area(s) of assignment; develop, analyze and evaluate plans, programs and procedures; communicate effectively with others both orally and in writing; operate computer and other business machines; use tools, equipment, instruments or devices appropriate to the area(s) of assignment; maintain awareness of developments in curriculum or program areas.
    Skills/Abilities Desirable: Supervise and organize the work of others possibly at various work sites; collaborate with state, district and school personnel; involve and communicate program goals and objectives with multiple agency staff with clarity; develop training materials and effective presentations for targeted audiences and adapt training principles to the learning situation; create a positive working environment; flexible in dealing with work related events; design and implement on-line professional development with appropriate tools (i.e., Sharepoint, podcasts, voice threads, website, WebEx, webinars, etc); organize/prioritize work and multi-task to maintain an effective work pace while working under deadlines.
  • Duties and Responsibilities: Under the general supervision of the Educational Specialist III of the Student Support Section, the Educational Specialist II:
    1. Provides leadership in the planning, design, development, and implementation of preK-12 English Learner (EL) program, especially Title III (Language Instruction for Limited English Proficient and Immigrant Students), Part A (English Language Acquisition, Language Enhancement, and Academic Achievement Act) and Part B (Improving Language Instruction Educational Programs). Responsible for refining statewide procedures, guidelines, and budgeting practices to ensure access to high quality education for non-native English speaking national origin students.
    2. Supports the field with current and significant research, promising evidence-based instructional practices in preK-12 EL education, curriculum frameworks, resource materials and other types of supplementary resources with other state educational specialists involved in instruction and curriculum for students of limited English proficiency; evaluates the merit and feasibility of alternative instructional approaches, methods, and organization; and recommends improvements in the current programs and services offered to districts. Serves as advocate for equitable opportunities and learning to meet the acculturation needs of national origin students.
    3. Evaluates and monitors program review of complex area program implementation. Assesses, supports and problem solves issues around EL program needs. Collaborates on goals, objectives, and long-range plans to ensure system-wide implementation aligned to federal and state requirements. Ensures conformance to minimum program standards result in growth in student learning and readiness for post-secondary pathways. Collects, aggregates, analyzes, reports, and transmits data and required reports/information on the impact of funds on students of limited English proficiency and the education services available to them. Provides oversight for Title III requirements in DOE systems.
    4. Provides technical assistance and consultative services to district, complex, school, and other state office personnel; to community and parent groups; and to others requesting services pertaining to the education of students of limited English proficiency. Serves as an active member of DOE cross-functional teams related to improving instruction at the school level. Consults and partners on efforts to strengthen multilingualism and bi-literacy in connection to other offices and initiatives; works to coordinate relevant activities, resources, and implementation.
    5. Develops and coordinates strategic professional development in collaboration with state, district, complex area and school staff to carry out the purposes of programs and projects assisting students of limited English proficiency and improve student learning and achievement. Networks with other state divisions to improve instruction, delivery and accountability as part of a tri-level construct. Assists complex areas and schools with transitions due to new legislative or federal programs and/or grants.
    6. Serves as a liaison between the Department of Education, State and Federal government agencies, community groups, professional organizations, and other agencies and organizations that support bilingual/multicultural and EL education. Prepares and supports development and implementation of program plans, grants, reports, budgets, expenditure plans, contracts, memoranda of agreements, legislative testimony, supporting and other documents as required.
    7. Performs other related duties as required or assigned.
  • SALARY RANGE: EOSR-7, $97,202 to $137,596. Department of Education certificated employees will be placed on the salary range in accordance with Department regulations. All others will be placed on the first step of $97,202.
  • WORK YEAR AND BENEFITS: This appointment will be on a 12-month basis with vacation and sick leave provided according to applicable regulations.
    POSTING CYCLE: Vacant or unfilled positions may be internally and/or externally advertised on the 1st and/or 15th of any calendar month.
    HOW TO APPLY: All materials submitted become the property of the Hawaii Department of Education and will not be returned to applicant.
    1. Visit the Hawaii Department of Education website and submit the online application prior to the deadline. Be sure to include a "Personal Statement" of what you can contribute to this specific position.

    2. Official transcripts (if not on file) must be submitted at the time of an official offer of employment. Transcripts may be sent by U.S. mail to the Office of Talent Management/EO Recruitment, P.O. Box 2360, Honolulu, HI 96804.
    3. After you submit your online application, you will receive a system generated email acknowledging receipt of your application.


    Cynthia A. Covell
    Assistant Superintendent

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