New Mission High School Headmaster

Boston, MA, US
Jul 12, 2019
Job Category
Administrator, Principal
Grade Level
High School
This job posting is for all individuals interested in Assistant Principal/Assistant Headmaster or other school-based administrative roles in the Boston Public Schools in the 2019-2020 school year. By submitting your application to this posting, you may have the opportunity to participate in a pre-screening interview and to become a part of the district's priority candidate pipeline. When schools post positions on or after March 1st, you may be invited to apply to individual school postings.

School leaders will have access to this pipeline and can utilize it to hire for administrative leadership team positions.

We are committed to our students and have a track record of success.
As the birthplace of public education in this nation, the Boston Public Schools is committed to partnering with families to transform the lives of all children through exemplary teaching and leadership. We see our schools and school leaders as the units of change for kids and families and work innovatively to create welcoming environments that meet the needs of all learners. Student performance on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), also known as the national report card, makes BPS the first urban district to meet their marks in both English and Math for both tested grades. Our graduation rates have increased steadily, reaching their highest ever point in 2016 (the most recent complete cohort).

We serve a richly diverse community of students and families.
Boston Public Schools is quickly becoming one of the most diverse school districts in the country. Our 56,000 students reflect Boston's vibrant blend of cultures, representing 140 countries and speaking 80 languages. 86 percent of our students identify as black, Latino or Asian, and our learners represent a broad spectrum of learning styles and needs. As a leader in BPS, you will be immersed in our rich community cultures and have the opportunity to close the opportunity gaps that persist in our city and nation.

We support our leaders to learn, grow, and succeed.
As a part of the school-based leadership team, you will be involved in the professional learning at your school. You will also have access to district provided professional learning opportunities that align with your role. We deeply value the knowledge and skills Assistant Principals/Headmasters and other administrative leaders gain from leading in our schools and view members of our school based leadership teams as potential future school leaders in the district.

We have a highly-supported, world-class teacher and staff community.
As a leader in Boston Public Schools, you will be surrounded by a team as you support students and families. These teams are an integral part of the community and many roles are supported through central office development. It is highly competitive to attain a job in Boston Public Schools and we are proud to have a talented and dedicated workforce. Our teachers are supported and developed through multiple pathways, starting with new teacher development and continuing through teachers' careers.

Who we are looking for:
Boston Public Schools knows that having a great leadership team in every building is essential to ensuring students get the education they deserve. Here in Boston, great leaders are passionate about urban education, drive student achievement, reflect the racial, cultural, and linguistic diversity of our students, and have a strong commitment to the City of Boston. Boston Public Schools also seeks individuals who are able to lead schools that serve all students well, regardless of ability or language, and value teamwork and collaboration to deliver the opportunities all students deserve.

The role of the Assistant Principal/Headmaster and other leadership team members is designed by each school leader to meet the needs of a specific school and responsibilities will vary accordingly. Assistant Principals/Headmasters must demonstrate strength in instructional leadership, management & operations, family & community engagement, and professional culture. Job duties may include, but are not limited to, any of the following:

Instructional Leadership
  • Embrace, communicate, and enlist others in the belief that all students can and will learn.
  • Communicate belief in culturally responsive teaching practices and support teachers in employing them.
  • Conduct regular observations of instruction and planning. Give feedback that drives improvement in teaching and learning to close achievement and opportunity gaps.
  • Facilitate the use of varied formal and informal assessments. Use and support data-based decision making in planning and delivering instruction and interventions.
  • Utilize data to set and meet goals for school improvement.
  • Use frequent observation, data, and evaluation guidelines to assign well-supported ratings for performance.
  • Collaborate to lead or independently lead components of an impactful school leadership team.
Management & Operations
  • Establish and maintain systems and routines that ensure a safe and welcoming learning environments.
  • Establish and maintain systems and routines to support all students to reach high behavioral expectations.
  • Lead recruitment and hiring processes that result in the hiring of effective educators that reflect the diversity of our student population.
  • Follow rules and regulations related to laws, collective bargaining agreements, and expenditures.
Family and Community Engagement
  • Use and maintain partnerships that support culturally responsive practices that ensure all families are welcome and can contribute to the school community. Support educators in doing the same.
  • Engage in and support educators to regularly collaborate with families to identify strengths and needs of students and make appropriate plans to support all students.
  • Reach out to families with concerns and work to reach solutions that are in the best interest of students.
Professional Culture
  • Support high expectations of achievement for all students through a personal commitment to, articulation of, and enlistment in culturally responsive school vision, core values, and mission.
  • Engage in and lead all educators in reflecting on the effectiveness of their practice to achieve improved results.
  • Engage staff, students, and families in developing a vision for student preparedness for college and career.
  • Resolve conflicts in a constructive manner and build consensus around critical decisions.
At a minimum, candidates must have:
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Current authorization to work in the United States
Depending on the position, candidates will require:
  • Principal or Assistant Principal license OR
  • Supervisor/director license and a content area license
Qualifications: Preferred
  • Teaching and leadership experience in an urban public school setting
  • Bilingual
  • Boston resident