Certified School Nurse

Lancaster, PA, US
Per SDoL/LEA Agreement / Per Year
Jul 12, 2019
Job Category
Support Staff, School Nurse

Licensed Registered Nurse in PA.

B.S.N. required

PA Certification as Education Specialist (K-12 School Nurse).

Valid CPR/First Aid Certification.

Background/experience in pediatric nursing, community health nursing and/or critical care nursing preferred.

Ability to communicate and work with children, families and staff in nonjudgmental manner.

Other qualifications to the above that the Board may find acceptable and appropriate.

REPORTS TO: Principal

SUPERVISES: Not applicable

JOB GOAL: To maintain and/or improve the health status of students so that they can profit from their educational experiences. To promote optimum health status and lifestyles for all students through the joint efforts of the home, school and community.


Maintain/implement comprehensive school health program in the school, following guidelines of PA School Code, PA Departments of Education and Health, and the School District of Lancaster.

Apply appropriate nursing theory as basis for decision-making in school setting.

Participate in school-based team processes to address students' needs (i.e., Student Assistant Program/SAP; Instructional Support Team/IST; Special Education/MDE processes).

Ensure accurate maintenance of comprehensive school health records for students as well as daily health room activity.

Compile and summarize data required for state and local health services reports.

Develop and implement individual health plans for all students with special health care needs.

Advocate for students' and their families' wellness/health-related needs.

Perform other related duties as assigned by supervisor.


Collaborate with school administration and other school staff in assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating school health programs and activities.

Promote good health and safety practices within and outside of the school building.

Coordinate with community-based agencies to develop service plans and ensure non-duplication of services.

Serve as resource person for health education classes/health education curriculum development.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Board's request.

EVALUATION: Evaluation will be determined according to contract.


Physical Demands:

Ability to maneuver students/adults into a safe position for administering First Aid or CPR.

Sensory Abilities:

Normal/Corrected Vision


Ability to communicate and work with children, families and staff in a nonjudgmental manner.

Ability to work independently in maintaining effective work patterns and responding appropriately to emergency situations.

Mental Demands:

Ability to work independently in maintaining effective work pattern.

Ability to react appropriately in emergency situations.


Exposure to blood born pathogens.

Exposure to communicable diseases.

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