Principal, John Bartram High School

Philadelphia, PA, US
Jul 11, 2019
Job Category
Administrator, Principal
Grade Level
High School
Principal, John Bartram High School
The School District of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA

School Leadership

Job Number: 4600183051

Start Date:

Open Date: 07/11/2019

Closing Date: 07/22/2019

*** This position is only open to principal talent pool candidates AND current sitting School District of Philadelphia Principals*

Job Summary
Successful district principals are highly motivated, persistent and creative educators who are able to align a school's resources, systems and people around a rigorous instructional program.
Principals for the School District of Philadelphia serve as the instructional and operational leader of a District school. Principals provide a clear vision for learning for all students; ensure a safe, secure and orderly learning environment; and, cultivate strong relationships with and acts in service to diverse stakeholders including families and communities. Principals are expected to promote high quality instructional practices, passionately enjoy working with children and believe that all students can achieve. Principals are responsible for selecting and assigning staff, supporting differentiated professional growth and building the leadership capacity of staff.
Essential Functions
  • Develop, articulate, steward, and operationalize a clear vision for learning for all students and implement a strategic plan to accomplish that vision
  • Ensure that all school stakeholders are able to articulate a clear and shared vision for learning
  • Ensure a safe, secure and orderly environment for all
  • Promote high quality instructional practices that consistently allow for excellent instruction school-wide
  • Be visible and consistent presence throughout the school
  • Provide teachers with timely and constructive feedback on classroom instruction to develop teacher practice
  • Clearly communicate learning and development goals that reflect high expectations for learning and growth, a belief that all students can learn, and a commitment to meet each student's educational needs
  • Develop a culture of collegial and professional relationships among staff and students that promote critical reflection, shared accountability, and continuous improvement
  • Manage conflict constructively at all levels
  • Develop systems and a school culture that promotes peer feedback, support, and collaboration
  • Carefully select and effectively assign staff
  • Support the professional growth of staff members in a differentiated manner based on identified needs and individual goals
  • Deliberately build leadership capacity among staff
  • Collect, analyze, and use multiple sources of data to guide continuous improvement in student achievement, student and staff well-being, and professional development for staff
  • Develop positive and collaborative relationships with families
  • Self-motivated to initiate and sustain relationships with community business, cultural and not for profit partners
  • Manage the school budget, requisitions, and all school funds
  • Oversee the upkeep of school facilities and physical plant
Essential Competencies
  • Ability to motivate staff, students and families around the vision of the school
  • Clear and effective communication skills for diverse audiences including students, staff and families
  • Well-organized, ability to balance competing priorities and multi-task
  • Passion for developing staff's instructional and leadership capacities
  • Leadership style that encourages teamwork and collaboration to support excellent instruction
  • Willingness to foster creativity and innovation
  • Persistence in the face of obstacles, productive problem-solving to counter setbacks, initiative to seize opportunities to make change
  • Belief in student empowerment and willingness to allow students to play an active role in supporting the school's vision and climate
  • Commitment to the service of students and families
  • Reflects on how to improve, self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses, willingness to take responsibility for actions and mistakes
  • Empathy for the perspectives of students, staff and stakeholders
  • Clear understanding of policies and law affecting special populations, LEP students and students receiving special education services
  • Models an exemplary work ethic
Minimum Requirements*
  1. Must currently be in the principal talent pool or a current sitting SDP principal
  2. Master's Degree from an accredited educational institution
  3. Five years of full-time, paid, professional educational experience, two of which have been as a Principal or Assistant Principal, or educational administrator, or other leadership position at the elementary, middle or secondary school level
  4. Valid Commonwealth of Pennsylvania K-12 school principal certificate
SPECIAL NOTE: Principals assigned to schools with Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs must have or obtain the CTE Director's certificate within 24 months.
* In certain circumstances the exclusionary minimum requirements may not be applicable.

Additional Job Information: DISCLAIMER: Interviews may be conducted to determine how well a candidate meets the established criteria. Please note that not all qualified candidates may be selected for an interview.

Additional factors, including, but not limited to, the ability to follow directions, punctuality, and professional conduct will be considered in the evaluation process. The selected candidate must have no pending disciplinary action or anecdotal record on file and have not been subject to any disciplinary action within the past eighteen (18) months. In addition, the candidate must have an excellent record of attendance and punctuality during the last three (3) years (defined as no more than eighteen (18) occasions of lateness or absence for personal illness within this period of time with the exception of one extended long-term absence).