Class 1 Personal Care Paraprofessional

Lancaster, PA, US
$17.09 / Per Hour
Jul 11, 2019

Associates Degree or High School Diploma/GED and NCLB required. Must be willing to participate in ongoing professional development.

Ability to operate standard office equipment.

At least 2 years of experience working with children with disabilities and/or medical experience required.

Ability to closely work with a student(s) specialized needs.

A high tolerance for frustration and a high degree of patience.

Ability to effectively use written and verbal skills to communicate with teachers, students, supervisors and parents.

Ability to take initiative to creatively solve problems, and to participate and communicate as a member of a team.

Ability to be flexible and adapt to various and challenging environments.

Demonstrate a high degree of customer service skills and professionalism.

First Aid/CPR certification preferred.

Valid PA Driver's License required and must have the ability to report on time to various locations based on need.

Basic computer knowledge is required.

Regular attendance is required.

Other qualifications to the above that the Board may find acceptable and appropriate.

* Supervisor may choose to waive some qualifications.

REPORTS TO: Principal/Assistant Principal or designee

SUPERVISES: Not applicable

JOB GOAL: To work closely with assigned student(s) on a regular basis in an effort to provide them with the physical help and emotional support they need to gain full benefits from the District's Special Education Program.


Assist the student with a variety of tasks that would facilitate full access to educational programs.

Perform clerical work for the teacher.

Assist in the preparation of instructional materials as directed.

Assist student in lavatories, lunchroom and hallways.

Prepare and supply audio-visual equipment, bulletin boards, and showcase as designated by the teacher.

Inventory, distribute and collect educational materials from supply areas as requested.

Supervise student who requires transportation.

Assist with one-to-one and small group instruction of students as assigned and directed by teacher for approximately 90% of the day.

Alert to potential hazards that may occur to ensure safety of student.

Required to attend mandatory State annual training.

Complete daily logs pertaining to support provided to the individual and import daily medical access logs into a software program.

Attend to all personal care needs of assigned student(s) which may include toileting, feeding, and changing.

Collect data on student progress assigned by teacher.

Guide safe transitions from activities to movement in hallways.

Perform other related duties as assigned by supervisor.


Make telephone calls to parents as requested by the teacher.

Monitor playground during lunch and after school.

Occasionally attend IEP meetings to provide input into development of student's educational program.

Assist teachers with students while in general education classes, if appropriate.

Provide substitute support when student absence impacts current assignment.

Assist in maintaining child accounting records as needed.


EVALUATION: For new employees, evaluations will be performed according to the current collective bargaining agreement. For transferring employees, evaluations will be done at 30 days. All regular employees will be evaluated at least yearly.


Physical Demands:

Ability to assist student(s) in and out of wheelchair.

Ability to stand and sit for extended periods.

Ability to climb stairs.

Ability to regularly engage in physical activity with students, bend, stoop, reach, crouch and when appropriate restrain.

Ability to frequently lift up to 50lbs without assistance and lift 50lbs or more with assistance.

Sensory Abilities:

Normal/Corrected vision.


Ability to work as a member of a team.

Must be courteous and able to deal effectively with people.

Must be cooperative, congenial and service-oriented.

Ability to work with little supervision.

Ability to work in an isolated area.

High degree of patience and tolerance.

Mental Demands:

High degree of patience and tolerance.

Ability to interpret detailed written and verbal communications and ability to perform basic math skills.

Ability to perform basic math, reading, and writing skills


Normal classroom environment/normal weather conditions.

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