Milwaukee, WI, US
Jul 09, 2019
Job Category
Support Staff, Audiologist


Supports the individualized, multifaceted, and continuous audiologic management and related educational needs of school aged children (2-21 years) district-wide with and without various types and degrees of hearing impairment.

Administrative applications for the following position are being accepted by the Office of Human Resources by 11:59 PM CST on Monday 22 , 2019. A current resume and three (3) signed letters of recommendation less than one (1) year old must be attached to the completed application (if you are unable to electronically attach these documents, you must notify human resources that you are sending hard copies which must be received on or before the deadline date listed above). Caution: When attaching documents to the application, be sure the documents are legible. If the documents cannot be read, your application may be disqualified from consideration . Appointment is subject to a criminal background check, a drug/alcohol test and credential verification. Non MPS employees must submit official transcripts confirming a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree. No applications will be accepted after the deadline date and time. APPLY ONLINE FOR JOB OPENING # 1013498 at Employment Job Openings Administrator/Supervisor positions and follow the link.

  • Provides comprehensive audiologic evaluations for any referred district student, including determination of hearing level, identification of hearing impairment, determination of likely site of auditory damage, and referral for educational and/or medical follow-up when warranted
  • Counsels family, educators, and students in areas of auditory disorders and rehabilitative/educational needs of students with hearing impairments.
  • Anticipates potential degree of disability resulting from hearing loss and predicts potential benefit from classroom modifications, individualized instruction and/or amplification/assistive listening devices.
  • Advises program support teachers, deaf and hard-of-hearing (DHH) teachers, speech language pathologists, paraprofessionals and special education teachers about the implications of hearing loss for individual students and provides suggestions for assisting students to listen and learn in the classroom at their maximum potential.
  • Provides monitoring, oversight, and training for appropriate identification of students with hearing impairments and collaborates with members of the DHH team for placement procedures of these students.
  • Works with the Evaluation Teams and MPS HeadStart Programs to provide audiologic services for children under 3 years of age and to promote early intervention services if a hearing impairment is determined.
  • Collaborates with Milwaukee area HeadStart programs to implement hearing screenings for all children enrolled and provides comprehensive audiologic evaluations for those who refer on screenings.
  • Implements a district-wide K5 hearing screening program, promotes hearing screenings for all students undergoing a special education evaluation, and provides comprehensive audiologic evaluations for students who refer on screenings.
  • Participates as a member the deaf and hard-of-hearing team by conducting comprehensive audiological evaluations when warranted, interpreting audiological information, and recommending follow-up procedures.
  • Serves as a liaison between school staff, parents, medical and/or other outside organizations regarding educational audiology issues. Serves as a district consultant on classroom acoustics modifications and personal/classroom assistive listening device equipment needs.
  • Ensures annual electro-acoustic calibration and maintenance of all district owned audiometric equipment.
  • Trains, supports, and advises district staff on the minimal/unilateral hearing loss monitoring program for regular education students with hearing disorder(s) who are not enrolled in the hearing impaired program.
  • Collaborates with IEP team members on a consult basis to provide classroom accommodations, audiology related in-services, and hearing equipment information/repairs for students who receive special education services and have a hearing disorder, but are not in the HI program.
  • Implements screening tools for student with minimal/unilateral hearing loss and collaborates with MPS psychologists to evaluate students with hearing impairment(s) for 504 evaluations when appropriate.
  • Supports deaf and hard-of-hearing teachers in providing appropriate assistive listening devices for their students as well as repairing any hearing equipment as needed.
  • Educates staff and parents regarding medical insurance and disability issues as related to hearing impairment and amplification.
  • Maintains knowledge of and interprets the requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), 504, ADA and state rules and regulations as they relate to educational audiology.
  • Manage district-owned classroom audio distribution systems.
  • Assists and supports in developing and implementing the special education service delivery plan that ties into the school’s educational plan.
  • Assist in planning and/or presenting in-service opportunities in areas critical to hearing impairment and educational audiology for school staff: provides guidance and support to school staff, administrators and parents.
  • Actively supports the MPS Strategic Plan.