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Why work for Stafford County Public Schools​?

Stafford County Public Schools is a dynamic, goal-oriented learning community committed to preparing our students for success in further education, work, and citizenship. With this goal in mind, we prioritize the professional growth of our employees to ensure positive results. We strive to ensure the success of all new teachers by offering many seminars and a strong mentor program. Along with this support is an extensive list of benefits for eligible employees.

Benefits include:

  • Advanced degree supplements for instructional staff
  • Retirement system including life insurance and disability retirement option
  • Paraprofessionals to assist with a variety of instructional programs
  • Health Insurance: Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield - choice of plan coverage
  • Mentor 360: Colleague And Mentor Program
  • Supplemental insurance options available
  • Flexible Benefits Program
  • Employee Assistance Program (Anthem EAP)
  • Tax sheltered annuities: All SCPS employees to include substitutes, hourly and part-time positions, can invest in our 403(b) program through pre-tax payroll deductions
  • Voluntary Payroll Deduction Vendors
  • Employee and Family Wellness Program
  • Virginia Credit Union membership available
  • Apple Credit Union membership available
  • Sick leave and sick leave bank
  • Dental Insurance Program available
  • Personal Leave
  • Professional Leave
  • Bereavement Leave
  • Teacher Recognition Programs
  • Worker's Compensation

Open Teaching Jobs

  • Elementary School Teacher (24)
  • Special Education Teacher (14)
  • Health & P.E. Teacher (1)
  • Middle School Math (10)
  • Middle School Art (3)
  • Middle School Science (5)
  • Middle School English (4)
  • Special Education Middle School Teacher (6)
  • Chemistry Teacher (3)
  • Biology Teacher (1)
  • High School English Teacher (2)
  • High School Secondary Math (4)
  • High School Spanish (1)
  • Earth Science (2)
  • Health & P.E. Teacher (2)

Open School and District Administration Positions

  • Elementary School Principal (2)
  • Elementary School Principal (1)
  • Middle School Principal (2)
  • Middle School Assistant Principal (1)
  • High School Principal (1)
  • High School Assistant Principal (2)

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