Technology/Business Teacher

Health Sciences Charter School
Buffalo, NY, United States
Jun 28, 2019
Job Category
Teaching, Business Teacher
Job title - Technology/Business Teacher
Reports to - Principal, Assistant Principals
Status - Full-time, Exempt
Position Summary Position is responsible for creating a classroom environment that develops in each student an awareness of the role of technology education. The teacher will develop creative forms of instruction while establishing and enforcing non-instructional duties throughout the educational process in the high school setting. The teacher will work collectively in a Professional Learning Community (PLC). The position is an exciting opportunity for a teacher to create a scope and sequence for high school students around their certification area that will develop work readiness skills, opportunities for students to achieve and develop skills in computer application (word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, email and keyboarding) coding and stackable professional certifications.
  1. Provides a diverse perspective when working with students, parents, colleagues and PLC members.
  2. Maintains professional standards per HSCS in an urban environment.
  3. Participates daily in PLC meetings to enhance motivation and collaboration to improve the PLC.
  4. Engages in a diverse community based programming with regional colleagues and healthcare providers.
  5. Observes and evaluate the students' performance, progress, behavior, social development and physical health.
  6. Instructs students effectively through lectures, discussions, class activities, demonstrations and other creative forms of education of the curriculum, courses required and maintain a balance of these educational strategies.
  7. Implements teaching methods according to what is appropriate to students' needs and interests.
  8. Establishes and enforces rules of classroom conduct throughout the educational process while adhering to all administrative policies and rules governing the students.
  9. Prepares, administers and grades tests and assignments that are a reflection of what students will be evaluated on.
  10. Evaluates students' growth in knowledge and skills in the course being taught.
  11. Performs other duties as assigned.
  • Must be able to meet New York State certification requirements or on track for certification

  • Master's degree in education preferred
  • Certification in technology, business or CTE preferred
  • 3 years of experience in teaching or related computer fields preferred
Must be able to frequently:
- Repeat the same motions
- Sit for long periods of time.
- Able to communicate verbally.

Moderate to occasional:
- Lifting (1-10 pounds), walking.
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