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Why work for Glendive Public Schools?

Wanted: Our district is currently looking for loving, kind, student-centered, amazing, fun, dedicated, passionate, devoted, innovative, team-oriented, failing forward people who are excited to work with a great staff. If you are looking for a school district that focuses on making a difference in all of their student’s lives, then please look no further.

Glendive Public School’s mission statement is “Excellence in Education.” We like to think that we offer a well-rounded education for all students. Our school district offers a multitude of opportunities for both students and educators. We pride ourselves on being student-centered. We believe that being student-centered means focusing on our teachers. Research shows that the best way to affect students is not curriculum or even technology, it is highly effective teachers. You are what makes the difference in the lives of students. As a district, we feel like our job is to add value to our teachers and staff so they can add value to our students.

Our K-12 school district has 1,200 students in it and is located in the middle of the beautiful badlands. We have a great community here in Glendive. Below you will find resources to some of the opportunities that we have in and around Glendive. We are proud of our community and we are always looking to bring more kind and loving people here. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. We want Glendive to be the right “fit” for you.

Open Teaching Jobs

  • Special Education Teachers
  • High School and Elementary Teachers
  • Middle School Mathematics  
  • STEM Teacher
  • Middle School Language Arts Teacher
  • Middle School Science and STEM Teacher
  • High School FACS Teacher
  • High School Mathematics Teacher

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