Director of Finance and School Support Services

Danbury, CT, US
Jun 25, 2019

Will consider Appointment to Interim Position of Director of Finance and Support, in lieu of filling this position for remainder of academic year. Interim appointees will remain eligible for future consideration for this position.

The Director of Finance and Support Services is responsible to the Superintendent of School for the administration of the financial and support services of the District so as to enhance the best delivery of educational services with the financial and support resources available.

Superintendent of Schools

SUPERVISES: Director of Sites and Facilities, Coordinator of Finance, Coordinator of Payroll, Coordinator of Grants, Coordinator of Insurance, Coordinator of Transportation, Food Services


I. Management of Financial Affairs

- Supervises the management of the financial affairs of the District and the schools.
- Assumes responsibility for budget development and control.
- Develops long-range financial plans for the District and prepares alternative financial scenarios to aid in financial planning.
- Plans and implements a school and program cost center accounting system for both general and grant operations which will facilitate systematic cost analysis,program evaluation, planning and priority setting.
- Develops, monitors and oversees a continuous process of internal controls and auditing for expenditure review.
- Develops a systematic and on-going program related to achieving cost containment, avoidance and effectiveness.
- Oversees the financial administration of State and Federal grants.
- Coordinates the implementation of financial software for the school district.

II. Purchasing Role
- Directs and coordinates all purchasing, leasing, contracting, bidding and receiving for supplies, materials and equipment.
- Maintains inventory control and efficient warehouse procedures as appropriate.
- Assumes responsibility for making recommendations to the Superintendent for support services contracts to be entered into by the Board of Education.
- Completes, on an annual basis, an inventory of all school equipment, supplies and property.

III. School Facilities
- Oversees the operations and maintenance of all District facilities in order to assure maximum educational utilization, as well as a healthful, comfortable and safe environment for pupils and staff.
- Monitors the planning, implementation and supervision of a program of school plant management.
- Develops capacity studies based on enrollment projections and use of facilities.

IV. Contract Management
- Monitors the overall operation and maintenance of the school buses to insure safe and economical transportation for children. Investigates transportation requests of parents and resolves potential issues.
- Monitors the operation of the school food services program by providing the necessary facilities and equipment in the operation of the school lunch program in close cooperation with those staff members or leasees assigned to this service.
- Prepares financial analysis of material requested for use in contract negotiations and serve as a member of the negotiating team as requested.

V. General Administrative Role
- Prepares periodic financial and operational reports to keep the Superintendent and Board of Education informed about the financial and operational affairs of the district.
- Supervises and evaluates staff assigned to this position and insures that district supervision and evaluation practices are implemented within each operating unit.
- Coordinates the payroll, accounting, purchasing, grants management, and insurance management activities of the district's business office.
- Serves as liaison to departments in the City of Danbury on Financial and Support Services matters.
- Evaluates the quality and effectiveness provided through the finance and support serve operations.
- Administers all local, State and Federal policies and regulations that pertain to the finance and support operations of the district.
- Attends Board of Education meetings, prepares reports and presentations as requested.
- Performs other related tasks as assigned by the Superintendent.


  • A minimum of a Bachelor's degree required; Masters degree preferred.
  • Successful experience as a School Business official in Connecticut, with urban experience preferred.
  • Experience in accounting, finance and business operations required.
  • Strong knowledge of business law and practices of governmental agencies.
  • State of CT certification in School Business Administration (085) required. Additional certification in Intermediate Administration preferred.

Working Conditions: This is a exempt full time, twelve months per year position.

A competitive salary and benefits package commensurate with qualifications and experience. General salary range $160,000-$175,000.

Application Procedure:
Apply Online
All applicants must apply online at

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