Echo Loder Elementary School Assistant Principal Full Time Limited Term

Reno, NV, US
Jun 14, 2019
Grade Level
Elementary School


Under direction of the principal, serves as assistant instructional leader and assistant administrative officer of an elementary school. Incumbent performs related work as required.


Exercises vision and provides leadership that appropriately involves staff, parents, students, and the community in the identification and accomplishment of the school's mission; recognizes the individual needs of all staff and students, including those of diverse cultures, backgrounds, or abilities; applies effective human relations skills; encourages and develops the leadership of others; analyzes relevant information, makes decisions, delegates responsibility, and provides appropriate support and follow-up; identifies and creatively coordinates the use of available human, material, and financial resources to achieve the school's mission and goals; bonds the school community through shared values and beliefs; initiates and manages constructive change; advances the professional through participation as a member of local, state, and national professional groups.

Articulates beliefs persuasively, effectively defends decisions, explains innovations, and behaves in ways that are congruent with these beliefs and decisions; demonstrates skills in nonverbal communication, including impact of personal image, to communicate a positive image of the school; exemplifies the behavior expected of others; keeps communication flowing to and from the school; communicates effectively with the various constituencies within the school community.

Involves staff, parents, students and the community in setting goals; identifies--in collaboration with staff, parents, and students--the decision-making procedures the school will follow; applies the process of consensus building both as a leader and as a member of a group.

Demonstrates knowledge of curriculum, instruction and assessment and their relationship to program goals and objectives; encourage students and staff to participate in co-curriculum activities that enhance and complement what is learned in the classroom.

Regularly assesses the teaching methods and strategies being used and ensures that they are appropriate, varied and effective; applies principles of teaching and learning for both children and adults; articulates effective classroom management and planning processes.

Sets high expectations for students, staff, parents, and self; helps teachers understand and apply teaching styles that complement the varied learning styles of students; encourages students and staff alike to set high personal goals and offers encouragement and support in the achievement of those goals; involves others in designing staff development programs that match the goals of the school with needs of the participants; encourages staff participation in professional development activities; engages in continuing personal and professional development.

Uses a variety of techniques and strategies to assess student performance, individual staff and personal performance, progress toward the achievement of curriculum goals, and the effectiveness of the overall instructional program; be proficient with data management systems and possess the ability to analyze student achievement data; demonstrates an understanding of Multi-Tiered System of Support as it relates to student success including familiarity with Positive Behavior Supports (PBS).

Fosters constructive suggestions from students, staff, parents, and the community for improving the school's program; applies effective observation and conferencing skills; inspires teachers at all levels of skill and experience to acquire new competencies and experiences; demonstrates a level of human relations skills which assures that the evaluation process will be helpful rather than destructive; develops professional growth plans to improve teaching and administrative performance.

Uses collaborative strategic planning to help identify and accomplish the school's mission, goals and objectives; recruits, selects, assigns, and organizes staff in such a way as to assure the greatest potential for the accomplishment of the school's mission; facilities the identification, training, and monitoring of the staff to insure effective support in accomplishing the strategic plan of the district; attracts volunteers and provides them effective training and meaningful assignments; provides a safe, orderly climate for learning; manages the operation and maintenance of the physical plant.

Applies understanding of the school district budget and its specific implications for the school; involves staff and representative members of the community in the development of school budget priorities, based upon the mission and strategic plan of the district.

Is aware of and subject to appropriate laws of the State of Nevada, and the regulations of the district and the Nevada Department of Education.


Education/Experience : Any combination of education and experience that would provide the required knowledge and skills is qualifying. A typical way to obtain the knowledge and skills would be:
  • Education: A Master's Degree in School Administration or related field;

  • AND
  • Experience: Five (5) years teaching experience with two (2) concurrent years of site/district/educational leadership in the last five years;

  • AND
  • Satisfactory evaluations in the last five (5) years.

  • Knowledge of : Child development and a special understanding of pre-adolescent and early adolescent youth; the philosophy of elementary school education; human relations, especially with respect to other school district personnel such as teachers, counselors, coordinators and school district administrators in the fields of curriculum, personnel and business; the problems of parents and community leaders and be willing to cooperate with them; modern instructional techniques and competence in elementary school curriculum areas; the vertical structure of the courses of study in the District and the importance of articulation in these areas; principles and practices of school administration, including school finances, teaching methods and techniques, evaluations, and program development, applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations, ordinances and policies; human resources development; school law; conflict resolution; public relations; principles of effective management, staff supervision and administration.

    Skill at : Planning, organizing, assigning and coordinating the activities of a professional and support staff; presenting ideas effectively, verbally and in writing; dealing constructively with conflict and developing consensus; selecting, supervising and evaluating subordinates; dealing effectively with people within the community; team building; establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work; working with people, staff supervision and administration.

    Licenses/Certificates : Nevada School Administrator Endorsement must be obtained prior to placement as an administrator. Proper endorsement is necessary for commencement of a contract.

    Physical Demands: The work is sedentary. Typically, the employee sits comfortably to do the work. However, there may be some walking; standing; bending; carrying of light items, such as papers, books, or small parts; or driving an automobile. No special physical demands are required to perform the work.

    Work Environment: The environment involves everyday risks or discomforts that require normal safety precautions typical of such places as offices, meeting and training rooms, libraries, residences, or commercial vehicles, e.g., use of safe work practices with office equipment, avoidance of trips and falls, observance of fire regulations and traffic signals. The work area is adequately lighted, heated, and ventilated.


    The Washoe County School District is committed to providing a safe and respectful learning and working environment for all students, staff, and visitors. The District prohibits bullying, cyber-bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, and/or discrimination based on an individual's actual or perceived race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetic information, veterans or military status, marital status, disability or the presence of any sensory, physical or mental handicap in any of its educational programs/activities and employment, or in any program or activity conducted or funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The District prohibits discrimination against any youth group listed in Title 36, as a patriotic society, (i.e. Boy Scouts of America) from access to public school facilities use.

    10 Month, Range 39
    Salary Range: $ 62, 740 - $ 90, 221

    Salaries are subject to adjustment and may increase and decrease each fiscal year. New employees hired by Washoe County School District are normally placed on the entry step of the grade of the position.

    Internal Job Number: 2019-20-A1900086

    Range/Grade: 39

    Endorsements: Administrative, School

    Additional Job Information:
    This position is being opened open simultaneously to all employees currently holding a licensed administrator position and candidates in the Assistant Principal hiring pools.

    In order to be considered for an Assistant Principal position:
    * Employee must be a current Assistant Principal, OR
    * Employee must have been a former Assistant Principal in Washoe County School District, but still employed as a licensed administrator in the district, OR
    * Employee must be in the Assistant Principal hiring pool. If employee has not been a former Assistant Principal with Washoe County School District, s/he must apply to the Assistant Principal hiring pool.

    Any Washoe County School District administrator who is eligible for and interested in requesting a transfer to the position listed above, should apply online at by completing an Administrative application and attaching a resume and letter of interest to your online Administrative application, or by updating an existing Administrative application no later than the closing date of the posting. Applications must be linked to the job posting to be considered.

    Area superintendents will review all assistant principals, eligible licensed administrators, and eligible assistant principal pool candidates who apply for transfer. If the Area Superintendent feels a great match for the school can be found among current WCSD assistant principals and eligible licensed administrators, or eligible assistant principal pool candidate, then they will hold a panel interview with a committee comprised of school, and district stakeholders.

    The Washoe County School District pays an additional legislatively-designated amount to the Public Employees Retirement System on behalf of the employee for retirement benefits. No retirement contribution is made by the employee.

    New employees will be fingerprinted upon hire and will have $55.00 deducted from their first paycheck to help defray the cost of fingerprinting. Fingerprint fees are subject to change.

    Please be advised there is a 90-day waiting period for insurance benefits.

    Any applicant who would like to request a reasonable accommodation in any step of the selection process should contact Human Resources at 775-348-0321.

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