Civitas Community Impact Experience Youth Advocate

Chicago, IL, US
Jun 13, 2019
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Support Staff

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Civitas Education Partners

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Do you have an unwavering commitment, belief, and passion that ALL children, specifically students of color and students who have been historically disadvantaged, can learn and thrive regardless of their circumstances? Do you have a passion and purpose to specifically work in urban education with and for students of color and those students who have been historically disadvantaged?

Civitas Education Partners is redesigning high school through the Civitas Community Impact Experience (CCIE), an authentic learning experience that challenges and prepares students to impact their communities and the world as consultants, innovators and social entrepreneurs. CCIE students work collaboratively and use their own interests and passions to solve challenges pitched by community organizations, businesses, or student ventures.

Visit to learn more about the social change, social ventures, social impact and community impact our students are making.

Position Title: Civitas Community Impact Experience Youth Advocate
Reports to: Chief Strategy Officer / Director of Impact
Terms of Employment: 12 month, salary and benefits established by Civitas Education Partners

Position Summary:The CCIE Youth Advocate coaches, leads and manages teams of high school students during the school day to use the City of Chicago as their classroom and tackle authentic challenges and opportunities that impact society. CCIE Youth Advocates do this by connecting interests, relationships and opportunities that allow students to develop into thriving young people and achieve college, career, and life success.

The CCIE Youth Advocate will be responsible for:
  • Coach and Ignite Students to Lead Together (80%)
    • Develops and maintains strong professional and supportive relationships with each student, as an advocate and liaison between the student, their peers and project teams, the school community, and community partners
    • Works collaboratively with a small team to create safe, reflective and nurturing learning environments while continuously using authentic, everyday opportunities to coach, guide, and support students with their goals and academic success
    • Guides students to grow as leaders, discover their passions and interests, and impact society
    • Builds, leads and manages multiple teams of students to design, prototype, implement and solve authentic community challenges
    • Monitors and tracks student, project progress, achievement and provides weekly, high quality individual, team feedback, and interventions to ensure student success
    • Leads, designs and facilitates workshops and other learning experiences with a focus on 21st Century Skills (teamwork, critical thinking, resilience, risk-taking, learning from failure, taking initiative, networking and public speaking)
    • Maintain ongoing communication with all students, parents, and community partners
  • Program Design, Assessment, and Evaluation (10%)
    • Collaboratively creates, evaluates and improves systems, procedures and protocols that ensure student success
    • Analyzes key performance indicators to make data-driven decisions on CCIE strategic priorities and aligns actions to implement
    • Collaborates with members of the Civitas network to achieve outcomes related to the CCIE experience
  • Stewarding CCIE Stakeholder Relationships (10%)
    • Promotes and raises awareness around the development of CCIE
    • Facilitates opportunities for professional learning in areas such as: student advocacy, relationship building, community partnerships, innovation, leadership development, and creating a culture of achievement
    • Supports Civitas network wide and school wide initiatives
  • This position may occasionally require work outside of the normal school day, including some weekends. This position is not part of the Collective Bargaining Unit.

This job description may be subject to revisions at any time when deemed necessary. If revisions occur, employee will receive a copy of the revised job description immediately.

Job Qualification:
  • Demonstrated commitment to youth development and previous experience working with urban youth populations through prior professional and/ or volunteer experience
  • Bachelor's degree from an approved accredited university and a minimum of 2 years experience with youth in advocacy, case work, human services or related fields

Key Competencies:
  • Demonstrated personal passion, drive, obligation and responsibility to challenge and transform education for the sole purpose of ensuring all children, specifically those historically disadvantaged, experience great learning and reach their full potential
  • Demonstrated unwavering commitment to specifically work in urban education with students of color and students historically disadvantaged, in spite of pervasive and systemic obstacles
  • Demonstrated belief that inspiring passion and a natural love of learning is activated through experiences that impact communities, create a more just society, facilitate civic engagement, and catalyze activism
  • Demonstrated ability to lead and empower teams to achieve audacious results.
  • Demonstrated experience of believing authentic learning requires the learner to be at the center of the learning experience.
  • Demonstrated interest in a love of learning, with a natural curiosity in generally all topics.
  • Demonstrated understanding that failure is a vital process for learning.
  • Demonstrated comfort with ambiguity, continuous improvement and focus on the process
  • Excellent communication skills, written and verbal.
  • Ability to manage time effectively, using solid judgment to prioritize tasks and responsibilities appropriately.

Salary and Benefits

Civitas Education Partners provides a highly competitive salary and benefits package. We are also committed to supporting professional growth and membership in local, state and national educational organizations.

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