Dean Manager, HUM III

New York, NY, US
Jun 12, 2019
Dean Manager of School Culture and Climate

The Dean Manager will work with the building Principal to instill a climate at Humanities III that is conducive to student learning emphasizing mutual respect and safety for all. The Dean Manager will promote high attendance rates at Humanities III by supervising student entry and dismissal and supervising the ops staff responsible for supporting same. Dean Manager will work along with our records coordinator to confirm daily and weekly attendance. The Dean Manager will also identify students with attendance issues or disciplinary problems and addresses those issues with parents, teachers, staff and the administration in real time to create positive outcomes (individualized behavior plans, BIPS). This will include working with the operational staff and the student support team to review and implement same. The Dean Manager will conduct follow up to referrals from staff pertaining to student conduct and discipline and will communicate regularly with parents. The Dean Manager will supervise the school assistants and school associates with regard to hallway duty, lunchroom supervision and student entry and dismissal. The Dean Manager will also supervise restorative practices related to discipline and student support including professional development for staff around same.

Essential duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
  • Enforce and reinforce student conduct consistent with building and district policies as well as state statutes including overseeing that the operational staff adheres to same
  • Understand and apply due process in a considerate and dignified manner and support and coach or operational staff around same.
  • Communicate with students, staff and parents in a positive and professional manner.
  • Promote high expectations, demonstrate a caring attitude and establish an environment that supports high academic achievement in students.
  • Uses positive and productive techniques for improving student behavior.
  • Works collaboratively with parents and staff including identifying the need for home visits of "at risk" students and conducting home visits along with the counseling staff as needed
  • Co-lead weekly attendance and behavior intervention meetings along with the social workers and counselors in order to implement interventions and positive behavior strategies.
  • Reports regularly to parents using a variety of strategies and is responsive to parental concerns through written and verbal communication.
  • Enforces school rules, manages student behavior, and maintains accurate records of student attendance, conduct and academic performance records.
  • Actively participates as a team member during meetings with faculty, staff and administration in reaching educational goals.
  • Is enthusiastic, flexible and committed to students reaching high academic standards.

  • BA from an accredited college in counseling, social work, or related field, Masters preferred
  • At least five years’ experience in a similar position
  • Excellent computer skills including proficiency with Google Docs, and Microsoft Office Suite, particularly Word, Excel and Access
  • Experience working in an urban school setting strongly preferred with previous supervisory experience, charter school experience and/or working with young people a plus

  • Demonstrated success working with students and families
  • Prior experience managing a team

  • Demonstrated commitment to the school vision and mission
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, including exceptional writing, editing and grammatical skills
  • Experience and zeal for working in an entrepreneurial school environment
  • Attention to detail and ability to manage multiple deadlines coupled with the ability to think and act strategically
  • Experience and/or passion for working with youth
  • Ability to ensure integrity of information and workflow processes according to policy
  • Demonstrated success in developing and implementing school-wide policies and procedures
  • Ability to deliver on outcome requirements and work collaboratively with others in order to achieve organizational goals

Detailed Job Description
  • Administrative Services
    • Responsible for maintaining a welcoming and efficient front office that emphasizes organization, professionalism, courtesy, flexibility, and teamwork
  • Communications
    • Maintain open and consistent lines of communication with students including meeting with students, listening, and referring them for counseling services as appropriate
    • Create and proofread professional correspondence
    • Utilize social media as an additional avenue to learn about students
  • Community Engagement
    • Maintain ongoing contact with Community Engagement team at the CMO around Community Advisory Board, student recruitment and family engagement activities (e.g., speaker visits, events involving the community)
  • Data Analysis and Reporting
    • Lead the Attendance Team, meeting weekly to track and follow up on student attendance, conducting home visits as necessary, and meeting with families to address chronic lateness and absences to promote a sense of urgency in learning
    • Lead and oversee the school-wide use of tools for reporting and documenting infraction data and other information, in order to ensure that proper records are kept and timely data are generated for staff review
  • Management
    • Meet with direct reports regularly to manage projects and tasks
  • Safety
    • Assist in supervising student entrance/dismissal, locker rooms, lunchroom and hallway duty as needed under the direction of the principal and or other appropriate staff members
  • Student and Family Engagement
    • Foster an attitude of cooperation and positive support with all school patrons and parents
  • Student and Teacher Services
    • Coach teachers on classroom management and serve as a resource to teachers on issues of school culture, classroom management, discipline, and relationships with students; and coaches teachers and staff in holding all students to high and consistent behavioral expectations
    • Lead the implementation of behavior management tools.
    • Develop professional development and facilitate staff training in behavior management policies, techniques, strategies, and related data
    • Oversee the consistent use of chosen strategies in classrooms throughout the school
  • Student Services
    • Communicate and meet with students' parents/guardians, and ensures that consequences for infractions are fairly and consistently implemented throughout the school; looks for patterns of misbehavior and coordinates appropriate measures as needed with the COO and School Counselors; responds to acute behavioral issues; coordinates in-school and out-of-school suspensions, ensuring regulatory compliance; and oversees school safety
    • Create and implement programs that recognize and reward students
    • Devise school-wide procedures and protocols in response to academic and behavioral needs of students
    • Support teachers and administration in their enforcement of school-wide policies on a consistent basis
    • Ability to think strategically about how to manage adherence to the school's Code of Conduct
    • Responsible for maintaining adherence to school uniform policy
  • Technology
    • Learn and work with school specific adopted administrative technology (Google docs, email, DataCation, Haiku, etc.)

Additional Job Responsibilities
  • Willingness to work non-standard hours as needed
  • Additional responsibilities as needed to meet the needs of the organization

New Visions for Public Schools is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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