Assistant Debate Coach - Policy

Northfield, IL, US
Jun 12, 2019
Compensation: Category C Stipend ($6,983 base)
Paid in 3 installments in November, February, and May. Payments may be prorated to align with hours completed.
Supervisor: Head Debate Coaches and Media, Speech & Theatre Department Chair

Starting Date: August 27, 2019

There are two vacancies for this position.

Ov erview
The Assistant Debate Coach will coach and supervise members of the Speech and Debate Team during weekly practice sessions after school, 3:30 - 5:30 p.m. The Assistant Coach will also provide research material for student use as assigned by the Head Coaches.

The Assistant Debate Coach will coach and supervise New Trier Speech and Debate students and serve as a judge at local, regional, or national tournaments. There is frequently travel involved. Tournaments usually occur on weekends and can run 1 to 4 days. Tournament Coaches coordinate their individual schedules with the Head Debate Coach to balance personal and professional schedules.

Q ualifications
  • Experience in debate competition.
  • An understanding of tournament procedure and protocol.
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with peers and supervisors.
  • A valid driver's license.
  • Previous coaching/mentoring job experience is preferred.
  • A background in research and evidence production for debate argumentation is preferred.

  • Jo b Responsibilities

  • Works with the head coaches of the Speech and Debate program to supervise, mentor, and guide students as they develop their debate abilities.
  • Contributes feedback to students and coaches regarding debate performance, argumentation, and overall conduct.
  • Supports appropriate student behavior as outlined in the S tudent Guidebook.
  • Provides research material, evidence, and arguments for student use as assigned by the head coaches.
  • Engages in professional communication with students to critique, refine, and comment on student work.

  • C oa ching
  • Guides and develops student growth in the areas of argument construction, research, delivery, and strategic thinking.
  • Attends and coordinates practices and/or meetings for 2 hours each week of the season.
  • Observes New Trier students while in competitive forums.

  • Tournament Attendance
  • Drives tournament vehicles or chaperones student transportation as assigned.
  • Fulfills the judging requirements at tournaments for New Trier Speech and Debate as assigned.
  • Attends a national championship (defined as the Grand National Catholic Forensic League Tournament, National Speech and Debate Association National Tournament, and/or the Tournament of Champions) if students qualify
  • Attends approximately 20 tournament days at local, regional, and national contests to coach and judge on behalf of New Trier Speech and Debate.