JROTC Instructor- Howard School - 19/20 - 19461

Chattanooga, TN, US
Jun 04, 2019
Howard High School is seeking an NSTC Certified Navy, Coast Guard or Marine retired E6 to E9 to serve as a Naval Science Instructor (NSI) to high school level NJROTC cadets. The NSI assists the Senior Naval Science Instructor (SNSI) in managing and implementing the overall JROTC unit program according to national, state, and district standards. The NSI promotes cadet intellectual, social, patriotic, character education and physical growth. The NSI is responsible for implementing the Navy's national education curriculum and program requirements to include the preparation, planning, coordination, and supervision of all co-curricular service learning special activities or events (military ball, drill meets, color guard, athletic and other extra-curricular activities which require weekend duties).

Essential Functions
  • Teach, assess, evaluate, and document student progress and growth through formal and informal evaluations procedures.
  • Evaluate students' progress and determine materials and strategies to provide for their needs.
  • Implement the Navy's national curriculum, lesson plans, curriculum related extra-curricular activities, and objectives with other content areas in order to provide for transfer of learning and knowledge.
  • Instructs 180 hours of military directed subject materials in classroom and leadership laboratory environment.
  • Administer, advice, and appraise extracurricular teams (drill, rifle, physical training, and academic challenge).
  • Assist the SNSI in determining and supervising cadets who serve in key leadership positions (command and staff).
  • Assumes direct responsibility for the development of appropriate behavior of students within the school setting by establishing and maintaining effective discipline and management procedures.
  • Coordinates instructional activities and collaborates with other professional staff, both school and non-school-based, as required to maximize learning opportunities.
  • Administer, advises, coordinate, and supervise special activities or events such as the annual military ball, drill meets, and summer leadership camp.
  • Implement and maintain communication and coordination with the school faculty and staff to promote cadet involvement in school activities, cadet recruitment and retention.
  • Coordinate, collaborate, and compile data for data records in the automated cadet database.
  • Participate in in-service and staff development and activities and staff meetings as required or assigned.
  • Ensure continuous communication with parents or guardians, both written and oral, to keep them informed of a cadet's progress.
  • Assist the SNSI in managing and submission of all reports required by the Navy and the district.
  • Counsel, mentor, and tutor cadets as needed.
  • Perform and promote all activities in compliance with equal employment and non-discrimination policies; follow federal laws, state laws, school board policies and the professional standards.

Duty Days

Endorsement Code
{457} JROTC

Additional Job Information

Desired Qualifications
? Retired Navy, Marine or Coast Guard
grades E6 to E9.
? Eligible to obtain Federal JROTC instructor
? Associates Degree; Baccalaureate
? Excellent interpersonal, communication,
and automation technology skills.
? Willing to wear the appropriate Service
uniform and meet personal grooming
standards as outlined in Service
? Demonstrated troop level experience.