Elementary Principal/Franklin Elementary

Kenmore Town of Tonawanda
Buffalo, NY, United States
May 31, 2019
Grade Level
Elementary School
Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda UFSD
Elementary School Principal (Certificated)
Job Description
GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Provide effective instructional leadership for his/her building and manage those activities which contribute to the effectiveness of the total educational program.
1. Hold a valid and appropriate New York State administrative certificate
2. Ten years teaching/and or administrative experience preferred
3. Broad knowledge of the principles and practices of school administration and of current educational trends in curriculum and instruction; comprehensive knowledge of the methods, materials, procedures, and practices of the specialties assigned to the office
4. Knowledge and successful experience at the elementary school level
5. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff and citizens
6. Ability to manage fiscal, physical, and human resources to successfully carry out the function and programs of the office
7. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
8. Ability to communicate effectively with students, parents, community members, staff and administrators
9. Knowledge of literacy skills and strategies including reading, writing, listening and speaking.
10. Ability to be flexible, detail-oriented and able to prioritize and deal with ambiguity, and work well under pressure
11. Provide leadership regarding Response to Intervention, AIS and differentiated instruction
12. Knowledge of the Next Generation Math Standards, Math skills and strategies
13. Ability to read, write and interpret documents such as curriculum guides, budgets, assessment data, labor contracts, grant applications, statutes and policies
14. Ability to understand and generate written memorandums, employee evaluations, and correspondence with business and public contacts
15. Ability to write routine reports and correspondence
16. Ability to multi-task and work effectively as a team member
17. Other qualifications as designated by the Kenmore-Tonawanda UFSD Board of Education
REPORTS TO: Assistant Superintendent for Instruction and Student Services

1. The Principal exhibits and utilizes professional knowledge in an effective manner.
The Principal will:
a. Demonstrate knowledge of state, district, and school curriculum.
b. Lead curriculum development activities providing opportunities and encouragement for increased staff program expertise.
c. Utilize assessment results in analyzing program effectiveness and identifying areas needed improvement.
d. Reviews and/or recommends the approval of all elementary textbooks and curriculum materials.
e. Act as a role model for expected staff behavior by demonstrating leadership, management, and instructional skills.
f. Participate in professional growth activities.
g. Practice a professional code of ethics.
h. Respect confidentiality.
i. Demonstrate self-control.
j. Respond positively to challenges and constructive criticism.
k. Be knowledgeable and current in administrative techniques, subject content, and learning processes.
l. Advance the district initiatives within the school building, including the Strategic Plan and School Engagement Planning Process.

2. The Principal utilizes effective strategies and activities in the performance of job responsibilities.
The Principal will:
a. Define, articulate and promote the internalization of a school philosophy.
b. Supervise the implementation of rules and procedures for student and staff safety.
c. Ensure aesthetically pleasing environment in the school.
d. Monitor plant, office, and equipment maintenance.
e. Promote the incorporation of community resources into the school program.
f. Cooperate with the administration, certificate staff, and other employees.
g. Promote a managed environment collectively committed to basic skills instruction.
h. Make decisions in consideration of alternatives, consequences, and applicable research.
i. Avoid crisis situations by anticipating problems and making timely, clearly communicated, and effectively implemented decisions.
j. Involve staff, students, and community in decision-making by delegating authority and seeking consensus when appropriate.
k. Follow established administrative protocol.
l. Establish and clearly communicate building priorities and long range goals.
m. Facilitate, coordinate and supervise compliance with the policies of the school and of the district.
n. Provide leadership in curriculum decisions.
o. Manage in a fair and positive manner.
p. Demonstrate instructional leadership.
q. Establish goals and objectives.
r. Utilize the expertise of the professional staff to identify, plan and implement an appropriate staff development program.
s. Promote professional growth activities.
t. Initiate change when appropriate.
u. Have high expectations for staff.
v. Identify staff members whose performance is marginal and develop appropriate instructional improvement programs.
w. Provide assistance to the professional staff in developing effective classroom management and discipline techniques.
x. Assist in the selection and assignment of school personnel based on knowledge of ability, qualifications, past performance, and school needs.

3. The Principal is effective in planning and preparation for job responsibilities.
The Principal will:
a. Implement an effective induction program for newly assigned personnel.
b. Ensure that student and teacher schedules are developed which promote school objectives and minimize conflict.
c. Provide for the maintenance of accurate and current personnel, student, and fiscal records.
d. Demonstrate effective planning and scheduling skills.
e. Manage effectively building crises and emergencies.
f. Plan informative and instructive faculty meetings which develop and improve instruction.
g. Participate in appropriate organizations, and attend meetings and seminars, etc

4. The Principal exhibits effective human relation skills within educational environments.
The Principal will:
a. Foster a sense of unity within the school.
b. Interact with management personnel in sharing ideas, problems, expertise, resources and personnel.
c. Interact personally with parent groups to promote positive school-community relations.
d. Encourage parent visits and involvement in school activities.
e. Utilize such human relations techniques as acceptance, praise and humor, when warranted.
f. Listen and respond to the concerns of others.
g. Support policies, practices and programs that enhance positive interpersonal relations.
h. Develop and maintain positive staff morale.
i. Treat all individuals with respect and dignity.
j. Promote positive aspects of evaluation - i.e. improvement of instruction.

5. The Principal effectively interacts with students.
The Principal will:
a. Emphasize students' achievement as the primary goal of education.
b. Administer systematic and effective methods of objectively monitoring and evaluating student progress.
c. Maintain adequate student discipline through the implementation of a fair and effective discipline code.
d. Monitor and coordinate student extra and co-curricular activities.
e. Create a feeling of trust and openness with students.
f. Provide for the effective orientation of students.
g. Develop and implement procedures for monitoring and reporting student attendance and tardies.
h. Practice effective counseling and advising of students and parents.
i. Administer school policies to ensure due process to all concerned.
j. Encourage the maintenance of a comprehensive program of student services including guidance, health, food, and transportation.

6. The Principal effectively communicates with others.
The Principal will:
a. Implement an effective method for reporting student progress.
b. Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
c. Develop open communication by respecting differences of opinion and reacting appropriately.
d. Communicate and support management team decisions and school board policies.
e. Conduct planned, meaningful, and effective meetings including school orientation programs as needed.
f. Inform community of school activities through appropriate media.
g. Communicate effectively with staff, parents, and community groups and district colleagues.

7. The Principal manages time effectively.
The Principal will:
a. Supervise the preparation of accurate budgets and effectively monitors expenditures.
b. Ensure the accurate and efficient preparation of required District reports and requisitions.
c. Provide for payroll verification and submission to business office.
d. Maintain complete and accurate records as required by law, school policy and administrative regulation.
e. Manage time and tasks effectively.

8. Other Responsibilities
The Principal will:
a. Perform such other tasks and assume such other responsibilities as the Superintendent may assign.
b. Maintain exemplary attendance.

Please make sure to complete an application at http://www.wnyric.org/application for this job posting.

Building/Location: Franklin

Salary Competitive: Y

Appointment Status: Probationary

Position Status: Full time

Start Date: 07/01/2019

Certification Type: Elem School Principal {1090}

Contact Person's Name: Melanie Kamens

Contact Person's Phone: 716-874-8400

Contact Person's Email: mkamens@ktufsd.org

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