Technical Director Fall play

Forest Park, IL, US
May 30, 2019
Position Type:
Athletics/Activities/Activity Sponsor

Date Posted:

Proviso East High School

Closing Date:
Until Filled

Description: Technical Director
POSITION TITLE: Play Technical Director

REPORTS TO: Student Activity Coordinator


Required Experience or Training

Experience in play production and directing

Communication skills

Organization skills

Time management skills

Leadership skills

Ability to work with teens

Willingness to accept responsibility for the tasks of the position

Desired Experience or Training

Valid Illinois Teaching Certification

Previous teaching experience

Previous sponsor experience


To perform the duties of organizing and producing all technical aspects of the fall, winter or spring play


1. Provide effective leadership in activities and events resulting in the production of the fall, winter or spring play. The Technical Director works with the Play Director and may be given specific technical duties by the Play Director

2. Select play and secure the express(ed) approval of the Principal for each play.

3. Organize and effectively lead students to plan and execute the activities for the students participating in the fall, winter or spring play.

4. Obtain supervision for the fall, winter or spring play after school activities, meetings, rehearsals and events.

5. Schedule and coordinate the use of facilities for activities and events for the fall, winter, or spring play(s) with the designated building personnel.

6. Manage and supervise the use of the facilities during fall, winter or spring Play activities and events.

7. Responsible to work within the given budget and keep accurate records of monies used and received.

8. Report to the Student Activity Director/Student Event Coordinator and work with the Student Activity Director/Student Event Coordinator to determine the activities and events associated with the fall, winter or spring play.

9. Follow guidelines as enumerated in the STUDENT ACTIVITY/CLUB DESCRIPTION & ADVISOR RESPONSIBILITIES booklet.

10. Other duties as assigned.

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