District Elementary Math Coach (2019-2020)

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District Elementary Math Coach (2019-2020)

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Syracuse City School District

Posted on
May 22, 2019

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Until Filled

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The Syracuse City School District is Building our Future by ensuring that all students have the opportunity to achieve at a high level. Teaching and learning are our core business and we know that education is essential to improve future life opportunities for our students. We also recognize that strong leaders and teachers together have a profound impact on student achievement. With this in mind, we are seeking educators who are ready to partner with us and our community in ensuring a bright future for all students. The Syracuse City School District represents 34 schools and 4 alternative education programs and serves over 21,000 students in grades Pre K-12. 78% of SCSD students qualify for free or reduced lunch price, and approximately 20% are served by the Office of Special Education. 77% of the students in the school district are students of color.


The Syracuse City School District Strategic Plan along with the Mathematics Action Plan outline high expectations for all of our students and teachers. The District-wide Elementary Mathematics Coach will be expected to be a steward of the district strategic plan and the mathematics action plan by providing instructional support and coaching for teachers and instructional coaches in our K-5 classrooms as they work to implement the Common Core State Standards. The primary role of the district-wide mathematics coach is to work with teachers and coaches to support best practices in utilizing our curricular materials and intervention materials, provide an analysis of grade level trends in instruction and use this data as well as student achievement data to create quality differentiated professional development opportunities that will best support instruction in the classroom.

REPORTS TO: Director of Mathematics


  • Collaborate with teachers and coaches and provide specific strategies for improved instructional delivery.
  • Serve as a resource in identifying appropriate research-based instructional strategies and interventions to improve achievement for all students. Specific emphasis will be placed on appropriate strategies for improving the academic achievement of English Language Learners (ELLs), students with disabilities and students identified as in need of urgent intervention in mathematics.
  • Plan and provide professional development and materials to support teachers and coaches.
  • Model and/or co-teach as needed to improve instructional delivery practices.
  • Support the development of curriculum and advise pacing on the scope and sequence based on essential content knowledge as outlined in the state and national standards.
  • Cultivate a standards-based, data and results-oriented culture.
  • In collaboration with teachers, develop resource materials for personalizing the learning for all students.
  • Make recommendations on best practices for supporting curricular alignment across all grade levels and individual schools.
  • Communicate and promote grade-level expectations in mathematics.
  • Assist teachers with implementation of Response-to-Intervention framework.
  • Assist coaches and teachers with the SOAR Intervention materials and implementation.
  • Use trend data from walkthroughs and classroom observations to determine professional development needs for teachers.
  • Progress monitor district-wide student performance and growth in targeted mathematics skills by grade level.
  • Support the development and curation of instructional materials for K-5 mathematics.
  • To support the curation of support materials for parents.


  • Strong record of helping students achieve academic success, primarily with students of color and low-income students.
  • Significant experience with curriculum development and daily lesson planning.
  • Experience in analyzing data and using results to modify lessons.
  • Significant experience with instructional best practices.
  • Ability to model positive and healthy character traits and habits, such as being organized, consistent and understanding.
  • Comfort and willingness to actively participate in school communities.
  • Unquestioned integrity and commitment to the SCSD mission and willingness to serve the SCSD community.
  • Experience in professional development and leadership roles working with adults.
  • Ability to plan, model, coach and provide feedback to individual teachers and teams of teachers to improve teaching and learning.
  • Experience implementing effective instructional practices, designing engaging lessons, using data and formative assessment in the classroom and implementing the four-tiered intervention system.


  • Minimum five (5) years of teaching experience required.
  • Minimum three (3) years' experience leading other teachers to achieve strong academic results.
  • Appropriate New York State Teacher Certification.*
  • Trained in the SOAR Intervention Materials and evidence of the ability to utilize the materials.
  • Possess an entrepreneurial spirit; be flexible, and be willing to go above and beyond to meet the varied and constant needs of the students of the SCSD.
  • Excellent organizational, communication and facilitation skills.
  • Prior demonstration of exemplary attendance is expected of any candidate for hire.
  • Training and/or experience with Culturally Relevant Education (preferred)
  • City Residents are encouraged to apply!

*Teachers with certification in Special Education or TESOL are encouraged to apply.


Ability to work beyond the ten-month school year and student day.


This position will earn a stipend of $8,000, in addition to the current starting salary of $48,500 for SCSD Teachers. With proof of outside, related experience and college transcripts, the salary will be increased pursuant to the Unit 1 contractual agreement.

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