Early Childhood Instructional/Curricular Teacher Leader for 2019-20

Eagle, CO, US
May 21, 2019
Grade Level
Early Childhood

The focus for the Instructional/Curricular Lead is on student learning and content presented. The School-based Strategic Plan specifies the area of need for this leadership role. This individual is a leader in instruction and content and specializes in supporting teaching and learning. This individual has a deep understanding of the standards, tasks, strategies, and resources that teach all learners to high standards. This person demonstrates the ability to differentiate content for students with a wide range of abilities . He/she reviews data to collaborate with administrators and teachers to ensure student needs are being met in the identified content area. The role is dynamic in that it supports a wide-range of early childhood education (ECE) department needs including the establishment of learning environments and facilitation of learning. The Instructional/Curricular Lead is effective at engaging certified teachers in self-reflection, encouraging them to adapt instruction when appropriate and adjust learning environments when necessary. As a member of the ECE Leadership Team, he/she collaborates with administrators and teachers to ensure student needs are being met. This is a full-time ECE certified teacher position. To meet the responsibilities noted below this individual will be provided release time
SUPERVISED BY: Director of Early Childhood

  • Build trusting and meaningful relationships with colleagues through a collaborative coaching approach
  • Coach adults in effective Early Childhood instructional practices by working with an established set of programs.
  • Support Professional Growth Plans for all certified staff
  • Analyze strengths and areas for improvement within the Early Childhood Department and Site
  • Provide and explore current research-based strategies to improve instruction
  • Provide specialized support for novice teachers, including New Hire Training for Education staff
  • Engage teachers in translating standards into aligned and relevant tasks
    • Designing learning progressions (vertical and horizontal)
  • Analyze data related to student performance on tasks
    • Designing Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)
  • Connect teachers to resources (materials, personnel, and/or professional development)
  • Serve as a content area expert to inform stakeholders of current educational research
  • Collaborate with ECE director, building leads and relevant district personnel
  • Build teacher instructional capacity through:
    • Coaching and feedback
    • Facilitating teacher reflection
    • Modeling lessons
    • Co-Teaching
    • Co-Planning
    • Aligning interventions and extensions to universal instruction
    • Developing effective instructional strategies

  • A minimum of 5 years successful teaching experience preferred
  • Relevant Masters Degree preferred
  • Demonstrated instructional effectiveness
  • Demonstrated leadership skills within instruction and learning
  • Deep understanding of effective instructional practices
  • Ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with all stakeholders
  • Areas of focus may include but are not limited to: Global-Ready Skills, 21st Century Skills, Dual language/ESL strategies, New Teacher Support, GT, SPED, Formative Assessment, Danielson Framework, Classroom Management, etc.

Primary Location:
District Wide
Salary Range:
Extra Duty Stipend
Shift Type:
As Needed

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