Frederick Douglass High School Administrative Dean 1.0 FTE (2 positions)

Lexington, KY, US
May 21, 2019
Job Category
Administrator, Principal
Grade Level
High School
Job Type
  • Position Type:
    Administration Certified Non-Principal/ CERT - 4003 - ADMINISTRATIVE DEAN

  • Date Posted:

  • Location:
    Frederick Douglass High School

  • Date Available:
    19-20 School

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    Provide administrative service and technical assistance to staff as well as other stakeholders. Assist schools in strengthening instructional programs through a strategically planned, standards-based approach with a focus on narrowing the gap. This position will provide leadership in the areas of curriculum, instruction, assessment, and planning.

    Job Summary:
    • Assists with data organization from all assessments and diagnostic instruments and develops strategies for intervening with students who are experiencing difficulties.
    • Engages staff in intensive data analysis and results planning
    • Implements and supports the goals determined by the district/schools' comprehensive plan.
    • Works collaboratively with other educators to integrate educational initiatives and resources
    • Assists in program implementation and curriculum development
    • Assists schools in developing and implementing comprehensive plans designed to meet individual schools' student achievement needs.
    • Assists schools in determining effective methods for the integration of curriculum standards, instructional strategies, and the developmental use of authentic assessment
    • Models a variety of instructional strategies designed to be rigorous and mirror assessment.
    • Assists in identifying professional development needs and developing long-range professional development plans
    • Coaches and models research based instructional strategies.
    • Mentors new teachers
    • Supervises staff as needed and required.
    • Evaluates staff as needed and required.
    • Maintains regular attendance.
    • Performs other duties as assigned.

    • Master's Degree
    • Three (3) years of successful teaching and/or leadership in instruction, curriculum and assessment experience
    • Certification in administration (Principal)

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    Application Procedure:
    Apply online

    Contact Person: Julie Farris (