Milwaukee, WI, US
May 20, 2019
Job Category
Administrator, Principal

Hi Mount School offers K4 through 8th grade students a diverse and unique setting in which to learn and grow. Hi-Mount Community School focuses on high-quality instruction for all students in a nurturing, caring environment. Hi-Mount is located in the popular Washington Heights neighborhood on the city's west side. As a Personalized Learning Project Site, Hi Mount educators focus on tailoring lessons to meet the needs of individual students.

BASIC FUNCTION : Supervises, coordinates and manages the activities of the entire building and staff.

  • Values the expertise of teachers, staff, and parents and uses these resources to enhance the success of the school.
  • Leads teachers in developing and delivering effective Common Core curriculum and assessments in literacy and math.
  • Demonstrates the ability to impact student outcomes through analyzing data to inform instruction that will enhance the school’s student achievement.
  • Delegates authority and responsibility clearly and appropriately; assesses expertise of self and others; determines tasks to be assigned and recognizes tasks that need outside assistance.
  • Leads the school by consistently building high performance teams, delegating responsibility, creating opportunities for professional development to foster individual growth in instructional practices, and implementing the school vision.
  • Develops and creates effective integrated services throughout the full school day, such as supervision strategies, and extended day, such as health, educational, recreational, and social activities for students and parents.
  • Manages school resources and facilities effectively, uses knowledge of policies and procedures to make sound decisions, and ensures the efficient operation of the school; proactively maintains an attractive, clean, safe, and inspiring physical space for learning.
  • Creates and maintains a school environment that focuses on an atmosphere of caring and respect, emphasizes high academic expectations, and maintains discipline and order for all students.
  • Implements a proven system for discipline that is research-based with built-in incentives and rewards to boost self-esteem and good citizenship and a strong record of enforcing the student code of discipline.
  • Demonstrates visionary and innovative leadership by setting high expectations for students and staff, including the ability to motivate, build teams, and encourage and increase parent involvement.
  • Works effectively with a broad range of students, faculty, parents, alumni, and community members; establishes strong ties and develops a sense of shared ownership among the school partners and stakeholders.
  • Motivates and supports students, teachers, staff and parents with compassion and fairness.
  • Embraces working collaboratively and constructively with staff, students, families and
  • stakeholders.
  • Collaborates with families and community members, responds to diverse community interests and needs and uses community resources.
  • Requests and responds to parent and community feedback in a timely manner; is accessible to parents, staff and community.
  • Actively supports the MPS Strategic Plan.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.