Executive Director

Negotiable based on experience and education level
Apr 30, 2019
Job Type

JOB TITLE: Executive Director


To inspire, lead, guide and support the Executive Committee and the Membership of CASE to achieve the highest standards of excellence in order for CASE to succeed in its mission: to provide leadership and support to members by shaping policies and practices that impact the quality of education.


  • Provides high quality and a high level of visibility nationally for CASE and it’s members.
  • Establishes and maintains rapport with the Executive Committee.
  • Establishes and maintains open communication with the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors, CASE (federation-level) Subdivision officers, and the general membership.
  • Develops and recommends annual and long-range plans for continued improvement of the organization, in conjunction with the Strategic Plan.
  • Plans and implements professional development opportunities to meet the needs of special education leaders.
  • Coordinates meetings, conferences, speaking engagements, and appointments for elected officers of the organization.
  • Oversees and ensures a high quality online presence and website for the organization.
  • Supports systems and activities that ensures quality membership recruitment and retention with a local unit or similar organization
  • Makes recommendations regarding operation of the organization to the Executive Committee.
  • Use existing and emerging technologies to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.
  • Establishes a system of management for the organization.
  • Makes recommendations regarding all fiscal management, including recommendations for the budget for the organization, managing taxes, risk management, audits and other business necessities.
  •  Provides final administrative reports for the organization on a variety of topics as deemed necessary by the position and the Executive Committee.
  •  Attends Board and Executive meetings of the organization as assigned.
  • Makes arrangements for Executive Committee meetings, including preparation of agenda and compilation of pertinent materials for distribution to Board members, staff, and media.
  • Makes arrangements for accommodations and travel for Executive Committee meetings, Board of Directors meetings, and other meetings as directed by the Executive Committee.
  • Serves as liaison with The Council for Exceptional Children.
  •  Manages all business services, receipts, disbursements, and related activities of the organization.
  •  Serves as liaison with federal agencies.
  • Acts as custodian of organization property and records.
  • Recommends and executes policies relating to the operation of the organization.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Executive Committee.


Visionary Planning

  • Identifies the need for systemic change and serves as an agent for that change.
  • Collaborates with others to develop and implement a strategic plan that improves the larger impact of CASE in the national and international educational community.
  • Develops an effective and interactive public relations program with multiple communications applications.
  • Have a passion for the continued improvement of the organization

Interpersonal and Collaborative Skills

  • Is articulate and clear in verbal and written communications.
  • Effectively uses skills and strategies of problem-solving, consensus building, and conflict resolution.
  • Implements a philosophy supporting inclusiveness and acceptance of diverse groups.
  • Provides constructive feedback to others to further continuous improvement.
  • Models and promotes professional ethics and values.
  • Works with others to define problems, examine alternatives, and find solutions.


  • Collaborates and partners with other national organizations, CASE state and provincial units, federal and state departments of education and other entities as deemed necessary.
  • Informs legislators of the effects of pending legislation.
  • Demonstrates understanding of current and pending legislation and changes in federal laws and regulations affecting LEAs and SEAs
  • Assists in preparing agendas for board meetings and attends meetings prepared to act as a resource person and advisor on matters before the board.


  • Oversees the recruitment, selection, and evaluation of qualified staff for the CASE office.
  • Oversees and provides information for labor relations, negotiations, and administrative contract management for CASE staff and contracts.


  • Stays current with regards to policy and best-practice in the area of education with a focus on special education.
  • Carries out the policies adopted by the Executive Committee, relative to the educational or business affairs organization.
  • Establishes and maintains an orderly system for the development and review of CASE policies.
  •  Complies with all Constitutional provisions and by-laws of the organization.

Fiscal Planning and Budget Management

  • Ensures the planning and management of resources is consistent with the CASE vision.
  • Oversees the adequacy and soundness of the CASE financial structure.
  • Develops the system necessary for budget preparation that clearly shows the relationship of the future of CASE with the financial plan.
  • Makes recommendations concerning the budget to the Executive Committee for approval.
  • Assists the board in the presentation and explanation of the budget.
  • Develops and maintain systems to insure the continuous monitoring of all budgets in providing the Executive Committee with sufficient data for accurate decision-making.

Leading Leaders and Association Leadership

  • Shows an ability to lead leaders.
  • Shows an ability to deliver quality keynote addresses, participate in panels, on committees, etc.
  • Has a desire to learn from subdivision governance board meetings and take ideas from one unit and pass on to another unit.
  • Knows how to make connections within groups, across groups, and beyond.
  • Is creative in considering how to better serve the members, grow members, and connect members.
  • Recognize the need to constantly improve Associational Management skills.

QUALIFICATIONS:  To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily, in addition to the following:

Advanced Degree with a preference for an EdD or PhD: The area of focus is preferred to be aligned with the desired outcomes and vision of CASE.

Language Skills. Ability to read, analyze, and interpret complex scientific, educational and technical journals, financial reports, and legal documents.  Ability to respond effectively to the most sensitive inquiries or complaints.  Ability to write speeches and articles using original or innovative techniques or style.  Ability to make effective and persuasive speeches and presentations on controversial or complex topics to top management, public groups, and/or school board members.

Mathematical Skills. Ability to work with mathematical concepts such as probability and statistical inference.  Ability to apply concepts such as fractions, percentages, ratios, and proportions to practical situations.

Computer Skills and Experience: Experience and proficient computer skills in word processing, spreadsheet, and database programs required.  Experience with Microsoft Office preferred. Experience with web applications and use and manage of a website preferred.

Reasoning Ability/Mental Requirements: Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions. Ability to apply those principles of logic and/or scientific thinking to a wide range of intellectual and practical problems.  Ability to deal with nonverbal symbolism (formulas, scientific equations, graphs, musical notes, etc.,) in its most difficult phases.  Ability to deal with a variety of abstract and concrete variables.

Communication & Interpersonal Skills.  Ability to communicate courteously, efficiently and effectively with a variety of individuals, including students, faculty, administrators, parents, and representatives of outside organizations.  Ability to work cooperatively, collaboratively and effectively with peers, subordinates, supervisors, and outside agencies.  Ability to effectively handle stressful situations and resolve conflicts.