Equitas Academy Charter Schools, ELA Curriculum Specialist - Elementary, 2019/2020

ELA Curriculum Specialist - Elementary

The mission of Equitas Academy Charter Schools is to provide a structured, achievement-based community that prepares students to graduate from four-year colleges and universities. We currently serve over 1,500 students and operate two elementary schools and two middle schools in the Pico-Union neighborhood of Los Angeles, with a growth plan to open four additional schools and serve over 3,000 students by 2022.

The K-4 ELA Curriculum Specialist is responsible for the successful implementation the Achievement First ELA curriculum in grades K-4.

Reports to: Managing Director of Academics

NETWORK CURRICULUM Responsibilities:
• Collaborate with multiple stakeholders across the Network to ensure successful curriculum implementation
• Plan and facilitate weekly data meetings for elementary leadership team.
• Meet weekly with other curriculum specialists to discuss trends and next steps at a K-8 level
• Meet bi-weekly with the Academic Department to discuss network trends and brainstorm opportunities for stronger systems.
• Respond to emails with questions regarding ELA curriculum in a timely manner
• Work with SDs to plan, train, and implement a successful Crescendo test prep unit in 3rd & 4th grade
• Gather data to evaluate the strengths and opportunities of the curriculum implementation
• Gather quantitative and qualitative data from teachers of varying experience as to the strengths and opportunities they see within the curriculum (Insight Data, PD Surveys, Conversations)
• Network-wide walkthroughs with 3D Observation Tool and Collection of data to determine future instructional PD focuses
• Use data to identify opportunities within the network, create proposals to strengthen those areas of opportunity, and support in the implementation of the proposal (upon approval). - See exemplar at the bottom of the application.
• Propose and implement structural changes to the Equitas Curriculum based on data, guided by research on implementation (upon approval)
• Seek out and attend Curriculum and Instruction related outside professional developments to bring new knowledge back to the network.
• Manage digital materials for the curriculum implementation
• Update and download LPs and Resources from the Achievement First Curriculum Hub
• Upload, rename, and share ELA Quizzes and Interims on Illuminate.
• Work with Ops to ensure that all Interims and Scoring Guides are printed prior to administration
• Work with Math Curriculum Specialist to create & adjust Scope & Sequence for grades K-4, all content areas
• Create draft of Master Schedule for Elementary Campuses

STAFF DEVELOPMENT Responsibilities:
• Live coach, co-teach, or model lessons with teachers in ELA related contents
• Plan and lead professional development for School Directors based on curriculum and instructional trends across the network.
• Co-observe with SDs, Deans, and coaches to norm and sharpen instructional lenses
• Observe, lead, and/or co-lead weekly grade level intellectual preparation meetings
• Plan and develop Summer Professional Developments based around Curriculum for teachers and school leaders
• Teach model lessons of the curriculum to adults during professional development
• Videotaping master teachers to build a library of strong exemplars
• Work with Director of SPED to support with 3rd & 4th Grade Wilson Phonics Intervention Implementation
• Support in the training and implementation of Network-Wide Data Analysis protocols

Key Qualities and Expectations of a Successful Equitas Curriculum Specialist:
• Builds strong relationships with all stakeholders within the organization
• Ability to discuss sensitive subjects with finesse
• Embody a spirit of learning together with other leaders in the Network
• Balance pushing the needs of the academic team with the concerns of school-based agenda items
• Ability to analyze data strategically
• Ability to lead adult learn in meaningful learning experiences
• Thrives on reflective feedback
• Demonstrates perseverance in face of adversity
• Believes that with the right support, all mission-aligned teachers can be successful
• Maintains high expectations for scholars and teachers
• Believes every adult is accountable for every scholar's success
• Demonstrates leadership through creative problem solving and takes initiative
• Strong organization of time and digital resources

Minimum Qualifications:
• Current California Single Subject or Multiple Subject teaching credential with English Learner authorization
• Strong belief that all students can succeed
• Demonstrated success working with students in traditionally underserved communities
• Interest in coaching and developing adults, as well as systems


Commitment to Diversity
Equitas Academy is actively seeking to build a diverse and experienced team of educators. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, gender identity, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin. We are an equal opportunity employer.

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