Special Education Teacher Consultant

Battle Creek, MI, US
Apr 12, 2019
  • Position Type:
    Teaching - Special Education, CTE and Adult/ Special Education Teacher

  • Date Posted:

  • Location:
    Battle Creek Central H.S.

  • Date Available:
    August 2019

  • Closing Date:
    Until Filled

    Battle Creek Public Schools
  • Department: Special Education
    Reports To: Principal & CISD Special Education Supervisor

    PURPOSE: To address immediate short term intervention needs, assist in maximizing the support of students with IEPs in the general education setting and improve the quality of service delivery to students with IEPs and/or suspected as having a disability

    SUMMARY: Responsible to provide supportive and/or direct services to students with IEPs, general education teachers, administrators and parents/guardians on behalf of students who qualify or may qualify for special education services

    EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: Masters Degree and three years of successful special education teaching experience. Strong knowledge of the general education curriculum.

    ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Other duties may be assigned.

    • Provide general educators with a list of the special education students in the general educator's class(s) and documentation with regular check in.
    • Provide general educators with a copy of the special education students' needs, students' goals & objectives, and strategies to work with the students.
    • Establish regular "checkpoints" to monitor student progress on caseload.
    • Chair and facilitate Child-Study meetings and Response to Intervention activities in the building, attend weekly services meeting.
    • Provides suggested accommodations and/or modification to class assignments/assessments.
    • Provides direction and placement for teacher assistant(s) related to their daily job responsibilities and student assignments.
    • Oversee the job performance of teacher assistant(s) as directed.
    • Conduct and/or participate in IEPT, MET, etc. meetings as appropriate.
    • Establishes and maintains appropriate caseload, reports, and records related to students on caseload.
    • Work in collaboration with CISD Supervisor on Continuous Improvement Monitoring System in district.
    • Special education representative on various district and county committees.
    • Assists buildings in class scheduling for special education students.
    • Work collaboratively with CISD and LEA data entry staff to verify and correct data submitted to the MDE for MSDS count date.
    • Work with counseling staff on personal curriculums, EDPs, and weekly services meetings to increase graduation rates for SWD.
    • Facilitate and maintain IEP calendar with CISD special education office.
    • Develop and maintain process to exit students with IDPS.
    • Work with district staff to increase connection and collaboration between the middle school and high school.
    • Provide training and support to teachers as needed for special education support and compliance.
    • Reviews files for transfer-in students who qualify for special education services.
    • Conduct and maintain Work Based Learning paperwork, compliance and standards.
    • Assist general education teachers with appropriate instructional techniques, strategies, and supports that can be used successfully in the classroom to help support students with IEP's.
    • Assist in making recommendations to teachers/administration on meeting student's needs in their least restrictive environments.
    • Work collaboratively with district staff on appropriate scheduling for students with IEP's.
    • Assist with gathering and analyzing data relative to students with IEP's.
    • Will work collaboratively with district staff to support the Tiered Intervention/Instruction process as appropriate.
    • Assist general education teachers on differentiated instruction, ensuring all students have access to the general education curriculum.
    • Assist the district in the coordination of special education and general education services as appropriate.

    Michigan Department of Education Office of Special Education & Early Intervention
    Policy & Criteria
    1. Teacher consultant approval is granted to a teacher with a valid Michigan teaching certificate and full endorsement in one of the following areas: learning disabilities, emotional impairment, cognitive impairment, visual impairment, hearing impairment, physical and other health impairment and autism.

    2. Private school teaching experience is recognized by the Department of Education in meeting the one year of required teaching experience that is not required to be in a special education classroom. Private school teaching experience will not suffice for the two years of required special education classroom teaching experience.

    3. Substitute teaching in regular or special education is acceptable in meeting the teaching experience requirements.

    4. Teacher consultant approval is specific to the category of endorsement. Application for teacher consultant approval may be made for each area of special education endorsement listed in item #1 above.

    5. A request for approval must be received by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) during the school year (July 1 to June 30) in which the effective date applies. Approval requests received after June 30 of the applicable school year will not be processed.

    6. Teacher consultant approval does not expire and is transferable from one employer to the next.

    7. Teacher consultant approval is effective from the beginning of the school year in which it is requested or the date that the training requirements were completed, whichever is later.

    1. The candidate must hold a valid Michigan teaching certificate showing a special education endorsement in the category in which the teacher consultant approval is requested. The special education endorsement must be in one of the following areas: learning disabilities, emotional impairment, cognitive impairment, visual impairment, hearing impairment, physical and other health impairment and autism.

    2. The candidate must provide documentation of an earned master's degree in education or a field of study related to special education.

    3. The candidate must have completed a minimum of 3 years of satisfactory teaching experience, not less than 2 years of which shall be in teaching students with a disability in a special education classroom.

    Policy & Criteria
    The employer (LEA/PSA/ISD/State Agency -Facility) must:
    1. Initiate the request by completing the Full Approval for Teacher Consultant form including documentation of competencies as described on page 2 of the form. The following MUST be completed: • Candidate and Assignment information (ISD will complete code numbers) See Policy #6.
    • Questions 1-5. (Attach documentation) 2. Forward all information to ISD; retain a copy for your records.
    The ISD will:
    1. Determine if the request is accurate and complete.
    2. Submit request electronically to MDE-OSE/EIS.

    SCHOOL SAFETY CLEARANCE: The successful candidate will be subject to a fingerprint and background check as a condition of employment. All fees required for this check (estimated $71.00) will be the responsibility of the successful applicant.

    The Battle Creek Public School District is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, handicap, sex, age, religion, national origin, weight, height, or marital status in its employment practices.

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