Oakland Fine Arts Summer School (OFASS) Instrumental Music Teacher Grades K-5: (Location Sankofa)

Oakland, CA, US
Prorata per BU salary schedule
Apr 03, 2019
Grade Level
Elementary School
Job Type
Teacher planning day 6/7/19

Program Dates 6/7/19 - 7/5/19

Program Hours 8:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

All Summer Program Hires are contingent on final approval of Summer Program funding


Use California Core Content Standards in planning an Instrumental Music arts instructional program

Introduce and teach varied instrumental music technique and theory in two 2-hour blocks.

Maintain good classroom management, including posted classroom rules

Maintain a well organized instructional program and classroom environment

Ability to train and work with an assistant or volunteer that may be assigned to the classroom

Ability to work in a fast paced environment

Ability to maintain a positive attitude toward students, parents, staff and overall program implementation

Ability to communicate affectively and in a timely manner with parents, keeping them informed with written communications (i.e. opening of OFASS letter to parents, student letter(s) for materials and/or attire needed for final project)

Ability to lift 20 lbs

Work collaboratively in program planning with teachers of various disciplines

Prepare students for performance, participate in rehearsals and culminating program

Attend 2-4 after school faculty meetings

Perform/demonstrate area of expertise in the arts at an assembly for students and parents (3-5 minutes)

Communicate in a professional manner with students, parents and staff



Minimum - 5 years teaching experience

NOTE: Each applicant submits an application with the following understanding:

Selected candidates are expected to commit to the program for the duration of the assignment.

Continuation of employment is dependent upon level of funding, student enrollment and attendance.

Notice of employment will be sent to the selected candidate.

Qualified personnel from within OUSD will be considered for placement. Should qualified personnel not be available, OUSD may accept candidates from outside the District.

APPLICATION: Completed online application for specifically stated position.

Primary Location: Summer Programs
Salary Range: Prorata per BU salary schedule
Shift Type: per FTE

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