High School Principal

$129,201 - $160,546
Apr 01, 2019
Job Category
Administrator, Principal
Grade Level
High School
Job Type


The High School Principal serves as the educational leader and chief administrator of the high school; responsible for direction of the instructional program and operation of the school plant; participates in staff and student activities; implements the general policies of the District as established and approved by the Superintendent and Board of Education; exercises leadership in the community.


Directly responsible to the Superintendent or designee.  Directly responsible for all personnel assigned to the school.


  • Organizes, supervises, implements and evaluates all educational programs at the school site in accordance with district wide goals, instructional priorities and State/Federal standards and guidelines.
  • Manages, evaluates and supervises effective and clear procedures for the operation and functioning of the school consistent with the philosophy, mission, values and goals of the school including instructional programs.
  • Establishes and maintains as positive, cooperative school climate as reflected in student, staff, and community attitudes and behaviors.
  • Establishes and maintains a mutually beneficial relationship with the community as a prime component in the development of a sound educational program.
  • Develops and maintains an effective communications system as an essential indicator of school program success and student progress; utilizes and encourages adherence to district policies pertaining to channels of communication between supervisors and subordinates.
  • Effectively manages available resources including school allocations and expenditure of funds; use of time and talents; selection, direction, motivation, supervision and evaluation of personnel; and use and care of facilities and equipment.
  • Assesses student academic and behavioral progress in order to lead the development of programs which support pupil achievement.
  • Is knowledgeable, keeps current, and appropriately applies local states, and federal laws as they relate to the school environment.
  • With District resources, assesses, plans, recommends and implements instructional improvement programs in the school.
  • Is sensitive to the total educational environment; keeps abreast of new legislation, trends, and district policies, procedures, and practices that affect the school’s program.
  • Evaluates Certificated and Classified staff as assigned at the school site.


  • Knowledge of assessment and evaluation techniques utilized to appraise program quality and personnel performance.
  • Knowledge of current curricular and instructional innovations.
  • Knowledge of the growth, development and learning styles of high school age students.
  • Knowledge of innovative student discipline techniques.
  • Knowledge of the administration of employee-employer contracts.
  • Knowledge of school finance and budget.
  • Knowledge of physical site management.
  • Knowledge of effective technology use.
  • Knowledge of activities/athletics.
  • Knowledge of the growth, development and learning styles of high school age students.
  • Knowledge of effective student attendance programs.
  • Ability to implement an effective instructional program.
  • Ability to effectively communicate, including initiating individual and group discussion, listening, clarifying and facilitating interaction among group members.
  • Ability to use good judgement and strategies in dealing with a variety of people and use conflict resolution strategies.
  • Ability to write effectively conveying ideas via reports, letters, memorandums and survey questionnaires.
  • Ability to train, assign to duties, supervise and evaluate personnel.



  • Possess a valid California administrative credential.
  • Minimum of two (2) years of experience as a school administrator
  • Minimum of five (5) years of successful teaching experience.
  • Possession of a Master’s Degree.