French 2 (PMSA) Curriculum and Assessment Writer

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High School Teaching

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Proviso Township High Schools

Curriculum and Assessment Development
Goals: To improve student achievement by developing a guaranteed and viable curriculum that is aligned with state or national standards and 21 st century adaptive skills.
To provide teachers with the support and opportunity to write curriculum and assessments that will enhance the teaching and learning of students. Role Curriculum and Assessment Writer Description Writers adhere to the given design criteria to develop units, curriculum maps, and common interim assessments for use by all teachers of a particular course. Qualifications Valid Illinois Professional Educator License (PEL)
Knowledge and experience in effective curriculum writing
Attention to Detail and ability to self-monitor for accuracy and completion Expectations
  • Attend professional development related to effective curriculum and assessment writing and design criteria.Curriculum and/or assessment projects for Proviso East and Proviso West will be comprised of one teacher from each school. Exceptions may be made for courses only offered at one school.Curriculum and/or assessment projects for PMSA will be comprised of two writers, when possible.Teams must create a work plan that outlines how the work will be accomplished and by whom. Teams may work at locations of their choice (Writing does not have to occur at school sites). Work plans must be submitted to Dr. Howard after professional development is complete and before writing begins.Teams will follow the design criteria for curriculum maps and common interims and use the templates provided by the District.Teams will collaborate with teachers of the course or content to solicit feedback on units and assessments as the work progresses.Teams will update progress every two weeks using the links provided via email and/or attend face-to face check-ins with Office of Academics during designated times.Stipends will be processed after the project has been approved by the District Review Team.

Compensation Description Stipend
Each stipend is split evenly among all writers of a project Full Project
Development of a curriculum map, units of study, and common interims for an entire course according to the given design criteria.
Yearlong course: $4820

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