Executive Director, The College Achieve Central Charter School

Plainfield, New Jersey
Mar 19, 2019
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Desired Characteristics of the Executive Director of the College Achieve Central Charter School (CACCS).

After review of College Achieve Central Charter School (CACCS) mission, beliefs, promise and the job description for the Executive Director position, desired characteristics were identified.

College Achieve Central Charter School’s promise is to treat each child and their parent/guardian with respect.  CACCS also promises to recognize and appreciate its students’ gifts and talents and will work with parents/guardians to ensure that students are prepared to succeed in college and in life. 

Therefore, College Achieve Public Schools is seeking a strong educational leader to serve as Executive Director of the College Achieve Central Charter School who possesses the following general and specific characteristics:

General Characteristics:

A leader with a proven track record of providing collaborative leadership for improving educational outcomes (by working with all stakeholders) to discover and develop each child's gifts and talents is a prerequisite.  This leader must subscribe to CACCS’ philosophy that a college education is this century’s passport to the American dream and be determined to offer each student every opportunity to achieve it.  

The successful candidate must demonstrate a track record of hiring and developing the best and keeping the best.  The skill set of identifying, attracting, supporting, and maintaining the highest level of teacher and administrative talent is a critical expectation and sits above all others. Past experience in closing the achievement gap and in providing equitable educational opportunities across the student population regardless of economic, social or cultural differences is a prerequisite.  Strong organizational skills and the ability to garner staff and parent support across cultural differences is a requirement.

Specific Characteristics:

  • Proven ability to recruit, retain and develop highly effective teachers either directly or through the programs and leadership in the school
  • Proven ability to lead, influence and garner support of all stakeholders to fully implement the school's core mission and beliefs
  • Commitment to the College Achieve Educational Model – The Toulmin Writing Model, Socratic Seminar, Cornell Note Taking, (the skills necessary to succeed in college), Core Knowledge program, STEAM, DEAR, and the rest of the 12 Pillars of a College Achieve Education.
  • Knowledge and understanding of research-based successful curriculum and instructional models and the ability to apply this knowledge to support the implementation of the College Achieve Central Charter curriculum and instructional model.
  • Measure, manage, audit and coach to ensure approved curriculum and instructional model is delivered.
  • Understand the importance of and ability to adhere to and follow all educational and regulatory compliance requirements
  • Be highly effective in the use of data to analyze student performance data, prepare reports and make data driven decisions
  • Successful experience in managing budgets, prioritizing expenditures and in seeking innovative methods for providing school resources
  • Ability to develop a culture of open communication, collaborative decision-making, and individual accountability to engage and motivate all staff to deliver on the mission.
  • Proven successful experience in branding, promoting and marketing educational programs and services to increase enrollment and grow the school.
  • Experience working with a culturally and linguistically diverse school community and engaging the families in the community to support the school.
  • Successful experience in working with boards and board committees


  • Education and Teaching Experience- Bachelors degree (Advanced leadership or terminal degree is desired) Minimum of three years teaching experience is preferred
  • Minimum of three years of administrative experience as a Principal, Executive Director and/or Superintendent is required; Charter School experience desired.
  • A New Jersey educational administrative credential is desired but not necessary
  • Meeting all or as many of the desired general and specific characteristics will be a determining factor in the identification and selection process

Equal Employment Opportunity Employer


The salary will be in the range of $185,000, plus benefits, subject to negotiation.

Application Deadline is April 19, 2019 (or until filled)

For further information please refer to the full job description that is on the HYA website. All inquiries are to be directed through HYA (Hazard, Young, Attea  & Associates) at www.hyasearch.com or to billadams@hyasearch.com.

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