Elementary ESL Summer Academy- ESL Enrichment and Math Enrichment Teacher

Boston, MA, US
Mar 15, 2019
Grade Level
Elementary School
Job Type
Elementary ESL Summer Academy

Academic-Summer School
Job Posting-Summer 2019

Elementary ESL Summer Academy- ESL Enrichment and Math Enrichment Teacher

The Office of English Learners 5-Week Academic Enrichment program focuses on grade level academic skills in Math and ESL/English Language Arts. Cognitively demanding tasks and grade-level complex texts will be made accessible for our students. In addition to academics, the program includes enrichment activities focused on STEM, Arts, Leadership Building, and Physical Fitness. The program serves EL students entering grades 1 st -8 th .
Position Summary:

This is a summer program coordinated by OEL in order to support EL acceleration in English language acquisition and development. Teachers hired are expected to adhere to the vision and mission of OEL, which is to provide a culturally and linguistically responsive education with the supports needed to ensure equitable access to opportunities that promote language acquisition, bilingualism, biliteracy and lifelong learning.

The Office of English Learners is seeking teacher applicants who have educational experience with EL students to teach ESL/Math at the elementary and middle school levels (Grades 1-12).

Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:
  • Participate in all scheduled professional development.
  • Job responsibilities will require for planning time outside the regular hours instruction.
  • Be responsible for ESL and/or Math curriculum guides and materials belonging to OEL.
  • Provide a rigorous ESL and/or Math instructional program including developing and posting content and language objectives daily.
  • Administer assessments and monitoring of students' instructional needs at the beginning, during, and at the end of the program.
  • Administer iReady assessment and using the assessment data to inform instruction.
  • Use data to inform classroom ESL and/or Math instruction and student grouping.
  • Use curricular maps to plan, prepare, and present ESL and/or Math lesson plans, assignments, and relevant enrichment activities for students.
  • Maintain timely attendance and progress records of students.
  • Collaborate with other team members to improve instructional practices.
  • Differentiate a range of effective instructional practices to meet students' needs.
  • Provide students, families, Site Coordinators, and the OEL Program with relevant and timely data, and maintain data for OEL.

Program Opportunities:

The Elementary ESL Summer Academy will begin on Monday July 8 th, , 2019 and end on Thursday August 8th, 2019. The program hours vary according to locations and grade levels being served. Please keep in mind that all site coordinators, teachers, and paras are required to report on work on Friday, August 9th to clean up, gather and pack materials, and support with inventory and delivery of summer materials to storage site.


General hours include a 6 hour work day and additional prep/planning time depending on specific sites. For example, programming at sites could have a duration of 8:00am - 2pm or 9:30am - 3:30pm, Monday - Friday. Job responsibilities will require for planning and prep time outside the hours instruction.

*Accepted applicants may be invited to a group interview and are required to participate in all
Professional Development.

Qualifications Required:

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • ESL License and/or SEI Endorsement
  • Demonstrated experience working with English Learners, Students with Interrupted Formal Education, and/or English Learner Students with Disabilities.
  • Current authorization to work in the United States - Candidates must have such authorization by their first day of employment

The successful candidate will have at least two years of experience in working with EL students, excellent classroom management skills, and the ability to work proactively with the Site Program Coordinator. This teacher will provide a learning environment conducive to the intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and cultural development to the child.

  • Pre-Summer: Scheduled planning meetings, trainings & PD, and separate on-site planning (to be scheduled by site management team).
  • During Summer: Teacher hours are specific to site.
  • Post-Summer: Some "wrap-up" duties (such as student progress reports, curriculum inventory) occur immediately following the conclusion of summer learning programming.
  • Range of stipend: $6000-$6400 (dependent on program hours specified by site). (stipend includes pre-summer training and PD, on-site planning, summer programming, and any "wrap up" duties).
  • Up to 16 hours of PD, Site Prep and Site breakdown
HR & Payment:
Position reports to Site Coordinator, who works in close collaboration with OEL. Interested candidates should apply via Talent Ed ( www.teachboston.org ). Payroll will be processed in accordance to BPS summer payroll schedule and reception of completed time sheets.

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