Physical Education Teacher

Forest Park, IL, US
Mar 03, 2019
Job Category
Teaching, PE Teacher
Position Type:
High School Teaching/Physical Education / Driver Education / Health

Date Posted:

Proviso Math & Science Academy

Date Available:
Upon Approval

Closing Date:
Until Filled

POSITION TITLE: Teacher - Physical Education
REPORTS TO: Department Chair
Building Principal
Required Experience or Training
Valid Illinois Professional Educators License with Health Endorsement

Desired Experience or Training
Master's Degree; Previous high school teaching experience
  1. Teach to prescribed outcomes and goalsUse instructional methods that improve student achievementAssign and evaluate appropriate student workInvolve students in learningMake effective use of entire class periodUse appropriate school support and resource materialsConvey to students learning goals and the importance of material learnedBe clear in explanations and directionsProvide continuity in learning activitiesChallenge students by using appropriate questioning strategiesSpeak clearly, audibly, and fluentlyAdjust the teaching pace to assure maximum student understandingProvide appropriate remedial and/or enrichment material whenever necessaryCommunicate high expectations for student performance
  1. Establish a positive and safe learning environment
  2. Revise lesson plans as needed
  3. Plan instructional examples, illustrations, and time for questions into lessons
  4. Address different styles of learning by employing a variety of instructional techniques and materials
  5. Be creative and innovative in the use of curricular and instructional materials
  1. Demonstrate command of subject areas crucial to instructional effectiveness
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of contemporary instructional research related to the subject area and to the teaching of diverse students
  3. Remain current in the assigned content area and in the profession
  4. Demonstrate enthusiasm about subject matter

  1. Develop, communicate, and enforce a set of classroom rules, policies, procedures, and expectations which are consistent with school and department policies and with learning outcomes
  2. Monitor student behavior for compliance with classroom rules
  3. Reinforce/reward appropriate social and academic behavior
  4. Respond to behavior problems quickly and appropriately
  5. Have necessary material and equipment available and ensure their appropriate use and care
  6. Provide and distribute necessary classroom materials in an orderly and efficient manner
  7. Interact with students in ways which are respectful and friendly, and which reflect an understanding of cultural differences
  8. Provide students feedback on their knowledge and skill
  9. Use effective methods to manage student behavior

  1. Participate in review and updating of curricular programs
  2. Perform promptly the responsibilities stipulated in Board of Education policies and administrative procedures
  3. Adhere to all personal absences procedures and provides appropriate plans and materials for use by the substitute
  4. Model and enforce classroom and school rules, policies, and procedures; exemplify the district's mission and beliefs
  5. Be punctual in arrival times to the building, to classes, and to meetings
  6. Report promptly student behavior, attendance, and performance to family or guardians and when necessary, refer students to appropriate school personnel; stay in regular communications with parents.
  7. Cooperate with other educational personnel
  8. Implement recommendations made in the evaluation and supervisory process

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