Anticipated Vacancies 19-20 English Language Development Teacher

Lancaster, PA, US
Per SDoL/LEA Agreement / Per Year
Mar 02, 2019

Appropriate PA teacher certification.

BA required in appropriate major study. Masters preferred.

Strong motivational, communicate, and organizational skills.

Ability to work effectively with a team of adults.

Willingness to participate in shared decision making, using styles of consensus, collaborate decision making.

Ability to effectively communicate with, instruct, and work with students and parents.

Mastery of special styles of pedagogy (ex. cooperative learning, learning styles and multiple intelligences.

Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find acceptable and appropriate.

REPORTS TO: Principal

SUPERVISES: Not applicable

JOB GOAL: To ensure that each LEP student will increase proficiency, in listening, speaking, reading, and writing the English language, along with developing the ability to think critically, communicate effectively, understand cultural heritage and diversity, respect human dignity and be responsible to self and community and become a contributing member of society.


Organize and maintain all classroom and equipment in functioning order.

Create a classroom atmosphere that is conducive to learning through organization.

Teach and apply safety principles as part of all instruction.

Demonstrate and maintain current knowledge in technology education.

Incorporate equipment and apparatus and use technology where possible to supplement instruction.

Maintain student records including all required paperwork.

Communicate regularly with parents and be available for educational purposes outside the instructional day when required or requested.

Demonstrate appropriate planning and the use of a variety of instruction techniques and strategies.

Assess the English proficiency of the LEP students and design a program to raise their proficiency level.

Assist in planning and differentiating the curriculum for LEP students.

Help students to complete the tasks and prepare quality projects/performances to meet the SDoL core content items and exit outcomes.


Provide regular ED teachers with resources and strategies appropriate for LEP students.

Team teaches with regular ED teachers.

Attend staff meetings, and department meetings.

Exhibit life-long learning practices (Continuing Education/Staff Development participation).


Supervise corridors, cafeteria, etc.

Assist in emergency situations.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Board's request.

EVALUATION: Evaluation will be determined according to the District's Professional Evaluation Plan – Observation/Supervision/Evaluation Plan.


Physical Demands:

Sitting at a desk for extended periods of time

Occasional bending, stooping, twisting, reaching, grasping

Light lifting up to 15 pounds

Sensory Abilities:

Visual acuity to read correspondence and computer screens

Auditory acuity to be able to use telephone

Ability to speak clearly and distinctly


Ability to work as a member of a team

Must be courteous and able to deal effectively with people

Must be cooperative, congenial, and service oriented

Ability to work with limited supervision

Ability to be flexible

Mental Demands

Ability to interpret detailed written and verbal communications

Ability to function in fast-paced and high-pressure work setting


Primary office setting

Limited movement outside the office setting

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