Head of School / Principal

Lancaster, Pennsylvania
$80,000 - $110,000
Feb 21, 2019
Job Category
Administrator, Principal
Grade Level
High School, Middle School
Job Type

Head of School / Principal Position Guide

La Academia Partnership Charter School, a small public school in southeastern Pennsylvania currently serving approximately 230 students in grades 6 through 12, is seeking an innovative school leader with the knowledge, skills and abilities to help our school community attain its goal of becoming a project-based learning dual-language (Spanish/ English) school.

The head of school will embody the mission and vision of the school and foster the traditions, relationships and instructional practices that ultimately determine the climate and culture of the school. The head of school is the sole employee of the board of directors and is responsible for the overall management of the school, in accordance with the board’s written policies and procedures. The head of school serves as the spokesperson for the school with all its internal and external constituencies including students, faculty, parents, staff, alumni, neighbors, funders, the business community, and government agencies.  

Board Relations

The head of school advises the board but is not responsible for governance matters just as the board advises the head of school but is not responsible for daily school management. Together, the board, the head of school, the Vice Principal, and the Chief Operations Officer demonstrate a dynamic school leadership team by creating the conditions necessary for student success and advancement. The head of school is an ex officio, non-voting member of the board and of all board committees. The head of school will:

  • Keep the board informed of all matters related to the school through board reports and immediate communications following major school events or happenings.
  • Provide timely and accurate data to assist the board in its governance work.
  • Make recommendations to the board for approval of the operating and capital budgets, including all categories of income and expenses.
  • Seek direction from the board when considering new initiatives.
  • Assist the board chair and executive committee in setting board and committee meeting agendas.

Curriculum and Instruction

  • Uphold the ethical and academic standards of the school.
  • Empower teachers as content creators, classroom facilitators, and lead learners working within a vibrant professional learning community.
  • Hire, supervise, evaluate, and dismiss staff.
  • Oversee the selection of curricula, class schedules, work-based learning opportunities, assessments, graduation requirements and all aspects of the school’s academic program.
  • Optimize the physical learning environment and the use of technology.

Pupil Services

  • Administer the school’s discipline policies and standards of conduct.
  • Oversee student support systems including academic support, special education services, the education of English language learners, school counseling, before and after-school programs, and health and wellness initiatives.
  • Supervise the school’s safety programs, ensuring student and staff safety at all times.

Business, Meals and Facility Services

  • Understand and oversee the business functions of the schools, including budgeting; monitoring and reporting income, expenses, investments and cash flow; and maintain accurate financial records.
  •  Maintain personnel records, performance evaluations, and faculty contracts.
  • Oversee the maintenance and cleaning of buildings, grounds, and other school property.
  • Administer the school breakfast and lunch programs, guaranteeing healthy, nutritional meals for students.

Admissions and Marketing

  • Administer the school admissions program, including recruitment, internal and external marketing; website development and maintenance; and applicant testing and interviewing.
  • Guarantee the integrity of the school lottery and the admission of new students.

Advancement and Fundraising

  • Plan and implement the school’s fund-raising programs such as the annual  campaign, capital campaign, planned giving, and major events.
  • Oversee the schools development efforts by identifying, cultivating, thanking and communicating with past and prospective donors.
  • Write local, state and federal grants as needed to carry out the mission and vision of the school.

Community Relations

  • Establish effective communication structures to keep students, parents, faculty, board and community members abreast of school events and happenings.
  • Remain accessible to all members of the school community including students, family members, faculty and staff.
  • Manage conflict within the community by listening to all perspectives and creating win/win situations whenever possible.
  • Motivate students, faculty members and families to meet and exceed high standards.
  • Follow through on commitments and obligations.

Required Certifications

Pennsylvania Principal’s Certification (or ability to obtain PA Certification within 1 year)

Secondary Teaching Certification

Required Knowledge and Skills

Bilingual (English / Spanish)

Excellent verbal and written language skills

Proficient with Microsoft Office suite

Required Experience

Experience as a school leader