Head of Academics: Aligning Instructional Delivery to Academic Attainment and Assessment Goals

Indianapolis, Indiana
Administrator Salary + Annual Bonus
Feb 19, 2019
Job Type

The Head of Academics (HoA) is responsible for developing academic clarity across the network, so that Christel House Schools realizes its potential to deliver excellence across the full portfolio of academic activities.

The HoA will support the organization’s academic strategy by aligning instructional delivery to academic attainment and assessment goals. The position works with school leadership teams to understand the strengths and needs of instructional delivery, reflecting on the intended academic program, to develop action plans that address the most pressing academic attainment gaps.

This position works as a strategic partner with the Head of Staff Development to develop both short and long-term initiatives to address performance gaps, curricular misunderstandings, and sharpen educators’ instructional delivery. The position also provides support and leadership to the school principals to ensure academic alignment against planned goals.


INTERNAL RELATIONSHIPS: This is a highly visible position; however the position’s primary interactions are with principals, the Head of Staff Development and the Head of Schools. This is an independent senior leadership level position, working to create detailed gap analysis reports pertaining to student attainment across all schools. This position also supervises the activities of the district (network) level testing coordinator and the school level testing coordinators.



The ideal applicant will have had experience in curriculum and instruction activities at both the elementary and secondary level. An advanced degree in education. And, will have had teaching experience with an increasing level of instructional leadership over a 6+ year period.

We require a self-motivated and detail-oriented educator with a background in developing and facilitating impactful adult learning experiences. The successful applicant must be passionate about improving instructional effectiveness and believe in the potential of students and teachers.

It will be imperative that the successful applicant be well versed in the key instructional shifts that have occurred with the Indiana Academic Standards.


The Head of Academics has responsibilities that include the following:

  • To oversee the curricular and instructional program, providing expertise and long-range guidance to the principals, who are responsible for the day-to-day academic implementation.
  • Provide routine observational data to key leaders on curricular gaps and instructional shortcomings.
  • Provide data to key leaders on student attainment gaps using assessment data.
  • Suggest and lead recommendations for correcting identified overlaps/gaps.
  • Assist teachers and principals in matching appropriate assessment instruments to curriculum objectives.
  • Prepare the quarterly reports on the state of the curriculum & instruction to the Head of Schools.
  • Assure uniformity in assessment, reporting, and academic standards.
  • Help departments and house leads to resolve conflicts related to academic implementation and management of the academic program.
  • Collaborate with the Head of Staff Development (HoSD) in creating standards and strategies appropriate for school improvement.
  • Review all proposed changes to the curriculum, providing updates on a yearly basis in preparation for business planning.
  • Suggest methods for integrating instruction, cross-grade units, etc. and collaborate with the HoSD on the same.
  • Assist faculty in developing a uniform curriculum pacing plan.
  • Coordinate instructional material reviews with houses and departments on a regularly scheduled basis.
  • Make recommendations to principals and the Head of Schools regarding problems or concerns relating to curriculum and instruction.
  • Network with curriculum directors at other independent schools and at local public schools — making sure the school is keeping its edge and is knowledgeable of state mandates.
  • Lead efforts to computerize the school curriculum.
  • Assist HoSD to establish and maintain instructional resources for staff.
  • Oversee school -wide the standardized testing program.
  • Support the schools and its leadership to attain exceptional school results.


A complete application will include the following:

  • Letter of interest stating why the candidate feels his/her qualifications are a good match to those sought by CHS
  • Current resume (please include email address)
  • Transcripts
  • At least three (3) professional references (References should include candidates supervisor in his/her current position and most recent prior position)